Pinterest: How To Get Started

How To Get Started On Pinterest

Following my announcement last week that I am now a Pinterest UK Ambassador (post here) I was inundated with messages, emails and questions about using the platform.

The good news is, there is huge love Pinterest out there.

The bad news is …. there is no bad news! It’s all good.

So instead of repeating the same answers I figured I’d write them here to direct people to.

For the most part this advice is aimed at bloggers but Pinterest is for everyone, so do go forth and pin to your heart’s content!

Let’s start at the beginning then.

Elizabeth Rosalilium Pinterest

What exactly IS Pinterest?

Essentially Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool. It allows you to discover and save creative ideas. Whether it is ideas for a DIY project, inspiration for a wedding outfit, a new paleo recipe or a beautiful destination to travel to … you can search and discover these things within Pinterest OR you can pin images from websites as you read them.

How to get started on Pinterest

In the first instance the Pinterest Help Centre (click here) will be your best friend. Everything you should want to know is there.

After you have created your profile you will want to do a number of things:

1. Add a photo to your profile so that other users can find and recognise you.

2. Follow people with similar interests to you. In order to get the best out of Pinterest you want to aim for a minimum of at least 70-100 people to keep your feed interesting. (You can follow just boards and not the whole profile of a user if you want).

3. Create at least 5 – 10 new boards to start with (you will want to increase this over time as you get used to Pinterest and discover more interesting things).

4. Use the search facility to discover interests and categories.

5. Install the Pinterest Chrome extension (or  browser button) and begin pinning interesting images and content from blogs and websites you enjoy.

6. Download the app so you can procrastinate to your heart’s content whenever you want scroll through your feed whenever you like.

7. Pin from your own posts. If you’re blogging be sure to pin one image from each post either to a relevant category board or one especially allocated to your blog.

8. Think about flow. Don’t pin hundreds of images at once or it’ll overload the feeds of your followers, but do be regular with pinning.

9. Interact with users and the pins with likes and comments.

10. If an image interests you click on it to go back to the original webpage for more information.

11. Remember that taste is very personal so pin the stuff that you love and follow the people that share your interests and aesthetics.

This is just a really basic how to get started guide. I will share some best practice ideas next followed by how to get the most out of Pinterest as a blogger.

Do let me know if you would like any further clarification on those points above or if there is anything else you would like to know about Pinterest.

Happy Pinning!

Oh, and you can check out my profile and how I use Pinterest here.


  1. Saw your post on UK bloggers. I’ve HAD Pinterest for ages but don’t really use it much or know how I should-so I’ve found this post really useful, thanks for posting it x

  2. How fab. It was suggested to me I get a Pinterest account, that would help with the blogging side of things. My face was kind of like this :/ What is this and how do I use it? I had a look, got started and was afraid to return. But really, it’s easy and is great. Your simple guide here is all good, and does make it easier to get on with it. I always feel that everyone else seems to know what they are doing, and it’s just me that is the online idiot. But I’m sure there are many out there that would appreciate stuff like this. Good on you.

    1. Absolutely not. There are loads of us at different stages of our Pinterest journey. I hope you venture back and find a way to use it that works for you.

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