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Pinterest is my new favourite site. It pulls together everything I already do but in a much more efficient way. You see, I have always been a hoarder, in every sense of the word. This includes magazines, papers, interesting images etc. So in recent times I have been doing the same with online images – anything that interests me, inspires me or I think I will want to use in the future, I copy and save into a folder on my laptop. I have hundreds of these images floating about in various sub-folders including illustrations, bedroom designs, fashion ideas and awesome photography. Every now and then I will print out these images and stick them in my ‘actual’ scrap book, a past-time that provides me no end of enjoyment and contentment.

So when I discovered Pinterest I was over-the-moon. In a matter of clicks I can save an image from any website and save it on one of my labelled Pin Boards. There on my own personal Pinterest page I have the beginnings of collection of favourite images. It’s fantastic. And then I can waste plenty more hours pouring over other people pin boards, searching for further images of loveliness and when I find something I like, I can repin it to one of my own boards. It is a virtual pinboard and image-sharing site all rolled into one!

From an early age I was fascinated by geography and would spend hours staring at maps. In fact, I still do that – it’s no surprise I ended up studying Anthropology at University and going travelling 3 times in the last few years. So here is one of my favourite Pin Boards I have created: it is called Maps and Globes.

Follow Elizabeth {rosalilium / awesomewave}’s board Maps and Globes on Pinterest.

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for the nice writeup of Pinterest. I'm also a big maps fan.

    If you ever have any questions, or if you have readers who would really like an invite, feel free to drop me a line: ben (AT) Pinterest .com

  2. I love maps too in a really big way, and some of these images here are just fabulous. It's really inspired me. I will check out pinterest – looks like a find!

    Thanks for the MA well wishes 🙂


    PS hapy scrap-booking

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