Playing the Stylist Game

I discovered Polyvore a few days ago and a world of style, choice and awesome clothes opened  up before me. I have loved fashion since I was little girl, always going to extremes to practice hair, make-up and outfits days and weeks before the school disco. I have old notebooks filled with rough drawings of my planned outfit, hair and make-up for many an occasion: discos, youth clubs, non-uniform days, shopping in town.  Each outfit planned to the minute detail accounting for previous ensembles and current trends.  In the mid-90’s I was known for my confident and possibly, over-the-top outfits including a silver bomber jacket with fur trim, black hots pants paired with a colourful silk swirly shirt and 5-inch patent platforms. I could often by seen sporting back-combed 60’s style hairdo’s with lashings of silver eyeshadow. I would scour my Mum’s Cosmo magazine for the latest trends before pegging it down to TopShop and Miss Selfridge with my saved-up dinner money. In fact, I probably put much more effort into my appearance as a young whipper-snapper than I do now. And it was only through discovering the pleasure of creating my own style sheets on Polyvore that these memories of creativity came flooding back to me.
This weekend I spent several hours playing stylist and creating a few ‘sets’. At the moment I am still experimenting with the concept of  researching and piecing together the set and my first efforts are rather amateur, but I have had an awful lot of fun doing it and can see me procrastinating for hours on end with this fun little site.
Here is an example of my work, it is my favourite so far. What do you think? And do you have a Polyvore, want to share with me?



  1. I've never used Polyvore, but it does seem to be very popular. I like you 'black and white and red all over' and your 'oh laa laa'! 🙂

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