5 Tips for Effective Decluttering

One of the biggest missions I am on at the moment is to greatly reduce the amount of Stuff that I have. I mean, I love Stuff as much as the next person and having a hobby such as thrifting means that Stuff is acquired on a regular basis. But since I down-sized from a two bed house to a small city apartment I have decided to be a lot more ruthless about the Stuff that I keep. Over the past month or so I have been going through every box and bag as I unpack and consider each item that I own. Do I need it? Do I love it? Is it really that sentimental? If I answer no to these questions then the item goes. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, this a rather time-consuming exercise and I can’t rid myself of everything in one go unless I just chuck everything in skip. But that would be both silly and wasteful.

The Stuff that I decide I no longer want or need than gets divided into one of three piles. Either it goes in the bin, goes to the charity shop or I sell it. Discard, give or sell. Remember that as you are clearing and you are onto a winner.

A large amount of my Stuff is of decent quality so it seems wasteful to chuck it and if I can make a few pennies I will choose to try and sell stuff for cash in the first instance.

If you are drowning under Stuff and in need of a desperate clear-out here are my top five tips:

1. Take your time

Sometimes we ignore the need for a clear-out because it seems like such a daunting task. But give yourself just one box to deal with at a time and allow yourself the chance to do your clear-out over a period of a few months. This breaks down an overwhelming task into manageable chunks that can be dealt with alongside your everyday busy life.

2. Be ruthless

Don’t keep unnecessary junk ‘just in case you might need it’. If you haven’t used it in the past year then get rid of it.

3. Do one room at a time

Start with your wardrobe and clear-out all of the clothes you don’t wear anymore or that don’t fit you. Finish each room clear-out before you start the next one and you will get a real sense of satisfaction.

4. Divide your unwanted stuff into three piles

Throw it in the bin, give it to a charity shop or sell in online or at the car boot sale.

5. Keep it regular

Have a clear-out every 6 months and you won’t feel so overwhelmed with Stuff and it will make room for all the new Stuff you will undoubtedly end up acquiring.

Do you have any top tips for having a good clear-out?


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  1. Like you I go thrifting a lot and I’m also in the process of having a big declutter.. I’m feeling a overwhelmed by the mess the declutter is making, but have to keep telling myself it’s all part of the process. My tip is to get support from other people that are struggling with it, so that you can encourage each other through the ups and downs.

    Thanks for this – you made me decide to treat myself to some flowers as a reward!

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