Weekend Trip to Newquay

Birds flying through sunset

Last week we made a spontaneous trip down to Newquay for a few days following a kind invite from a friend of ours to stay at her apartment near Fistral Beach. A bit of R&R was very much needed and we managed to squeeze in some lovely stuff in just 48 hours.

Now, of course, I am seriously pining to get back to the seaside.

The next best thing is to share some of my snaps and blog about my quick trip down to Newquay.

Grilled Sardines Salad

After the long drive down to Cornwall, we were ravenous. So we started our trip with a delicious lunch at a fish restaurant at Fistral Beach called The Fish House. The boyf had the grilled sardines salad and I had the moules – it was super-fresh and tasty. Highly recommended!

Savanna Cider

We then spent the late afternoon on Fistral Beach enjoying the sun slowly setting and enjoying a cold cider. We spent time catching up with friends and starting to unwind.

The Jam Jar NewquayIced Coffees at Jam Jar Newquay

The following day we made our way to the recommended by my twitter followers, Jam Jar cafe for ice coffees. Except these weren’t quite the iced coffees we were expecting, they were more like coffee ice cream sundae/floats! They were pretty immense, but tasty.

Newquay TownFat Willys Surf ShackSenor Dicks

We then went for a wander around Newquay town. It’s a smallish town and easy enough to walk around in an hour or so. I had to pick up some sunscreen, silly me for forgetting, and of course at to stop by the infamous Fat Willy’s Surf Shack. I came to Newquay when I was about 11 years old and this shop was one of my faves. I’m glad to see it’ still there!

The beach at Newquay

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach, reading, sleeping, listening to music and generally relaxing. It was wonderful. I’d totally forgotten what that felt like! Of course, it helped that the weather was perfect.

On the beach

After showering and freshening up we made our way back down to Fistral Beach to have a barbecue dinner on the beach as the sunset over the sea.

Newquay Fistral BeachSeagull at sunsetBarbecue on the beach in NewquayOn the beach at sunset

It was stunning and really brilliant way to spend the evening. Seriously, this really is the life – cooking food alfresco, enjoying the sound of the water, and good company.

Morning on the beach

The following morning I leapt out of bed very early, threw on some clothes and crept our the apartment whilst everyone else was still sleeping. I walked down to Fistral Beach to enjoy the early morning breeze and the quiet of the beach. The clouds were still hanging low over the sea and bar the odd dog walker and one crazy dude who went swimming in just a pair of speedos, I was the only person there. It was so tranquil and I took my time to wander along the beach, sit on a rock and just let myself be with my thoughts.

No cheese pizza at the Stables Newquay

It was our final day in Newquay so we spent some time going for walks along the coastal walk, sitting on the beach and finishing up with a pizza at the Stables at Fistral Beach, a gorgeous new pizza and cider restaurant. For me, I ordered a no-cheese chorizo, bacon and egg pizza. I made sure I doubly enjoyed it as I am actually not eating wheat or bacon at the moment. It was delicious!

the view in Newquay

And there we have it, our quick jaunt down to Newquay. We were immediately missing the place after we left and I am currently hatching plans to get back down there as soon as I can.

Cornwall is a really rather beautiful part of the country.