Ready for Blog Every Day in May! #BEDM

I am so freaking exciting about Blog Every Day in May! So many awesome folk have signed up to take the challenge to blog every single day of May and I am over the moon by all the interest.

First of all, let’s here a whoop whoop! For everybody who is taking up the challenge. It is no mean feat and I am already inspired by you all.

Secondly, now is the time to start getting to know your fellow #BEDM-ers. Check out the participants list on the original post for everybody’s links. Also, I’m putting together a twitter list of everyone who put their twitter handle on there so we can all follow our progress. You can see the list here –  – I will get everyone added to the list by the end of the day (it is a rather laborious task as you can imagine, so I’m doing it in stages).

Next, you might have noticed I dropped a hashtag in above. Yep, we have a hashtag! Add #BEDM to your twitter links so we can check out your posts when your Blog Every Day in May! Wahoo!

Finally, how will YOU be tackling the challenge? You can be as straightforward or as creative as you like. The aim of the game is to interpret the topics in YOUR own way. It’s all about finding your voice, finding your inspiration and finding your audience. Here are a few examples of how you might want to interpret and share about each daily topic:

  • Write
  • Photograph
  • Illustrate
  • Video
  • Collage
  • Bullet points
  • Poem
  • Song
  • Rap
  • Mind map
  • Get your cat to write it
  • Anything at all!

Good luck to everyone taking part in Blog Every Day in May. Don’t forget the hashtag – #BEDM and if you want to add the badge to your blog here is your code:

Good luck and see you all tomorrow for the start of Blog Every Day in May!


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Blog Every Day in May with Rosalilium

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