Riverford Organic Recipe Box

inside my Riverford box

Have you ever tried those fresh food box delivery services? You know, the ones where every week you get some fresh and seasonal food of the fruit, vegetables and/or meat variety.

Well, I have always had them on my radar but never actually got around to trying them out. Until now…

Riverford Recipe Box

This box from Riverford organic farms was kindly delivered to my doorstep so I could try their brand spanking new recipe box concept. I have to say, having food delivered to you is pretty exciting. But this is a whole lot healthier than the greasy takeaway option!

Inside the Riverford Box

So the recipe box concept from Riverford is that they create three new recipes a week that are seasonal and easy to follow. And then they send you ALL the ingredients, of the correct amount, for you to make said recipes. It totally takes the hassle out of deciding what to eat and you get to try out new recipes each week because they are always different.

making the Riverford recipe

For example, in our box we received all the ingredients to make Lamb with Spinach and Chickpeas. Notice how they even send you the spices you need as well? The only thing you need to provide is the cooking oil, salt and pepper.

I think it’s a fabulous concept and rather exciting to try new recipes out.

There are three types of recipe boxes – Original, Vegetarian and Quick. We opted for the Quick box, which whilst they were easy to follow probably took us longer to cook than recommended as we were kind of pottering and prepping as we went along.

Cooking with Riverford

The result was an interesting and new meal on the table. As a bit of an experienced home cook I think I would switch up the recipes a bit more as I like stronger flavours, so maybe taste as you go along.

The boyf did ask why the food didn’t taste organic and I think it’s more of the knowledge that your food hasn’t been treated with lots of nasty pesticides etc. than there being a real taste difference.

Lamb with Spinach and Chickpeas

I think one of my favourite parts of this food box was the attention to detail; included was a book detailing the vegetables in season at the moment, a letter from my local farmer, and a comprehensive A-Z of vegetables booklet. That was along with the three recipes cards. It’s incredibly handy and informative.

Overall I think this is a really interesting and useful concept that would be a welcome change to your regular meal choices. You know the food is organic, fresh, locally grown and the ease of the recipes is makes for a more stress-free evening meal.

Thanks to Riverford Organic Farms for providing me with a sample box to try out the new concept.