RosaliliumTV is Back!

Is Youtube for 30plus year olds

Yep. After a long hiatus of over 9 months I’m relaunching my Rosalilium lifestyle channel. Hoorah!

It’s been something I’ve been mulling over what to do with this channel for some time and there was a point where I was ready to quit it all together.

You see, I was a bit lost. I wasn’t sure what kind of content I wanted to share. I hadn’t found my style. And I just wasn’t sure if I was confident enough to put myself out there on Youtube. I mean, Youtube can be a bit of a scary place. Have you seen some of the comments on there? People can be harsh. And I’m used to the loveliness and general positivity here on my cosy little blog.

So yes… I knew I wanted to share more video content and I was determined to challenge myself with learning how to create videos.

So when we embarked on our winter away in Thailand I threw myself into making daily vlogs, a rather mammoth task that was a hell of a lot harder than it looks (how do daily vloggers do it?!).

But the challenge taught me a lot; I improved my filming and editing skills (still a work in progress, mind you) as well as started to feel more confident speaking to the camera.

Now back in the UK (for an undefined amount of time) and after a good long mull I feel like I have a good idea of the direction and the kind of content I want for my Youtube channel.


I think for a long time I was comparing myself to the so-called ‘bigger Youtubers’ and most of them are in the early 20s. I felt a kind of disconnect. And whilst I admire them and do watch their videos sometimes, I did feel like they weren’t speaking to me.

I began to wonder if there was a place for me on Youtube. Is Youtube even for the 30+ year olds?

That’s when I felt a moment of clarity. Why don’t I create the kind of content I want to watch? If I want to watch videos that speak to women in their 30s why not start creating them?

So that’s the plan!

In all of my training, public speaking, coaching and e-courses I always say “I believe in abundance. There is room for everyone.”

So whilst I may not be catering to the biggest demographic on Youtube, I can create content that is authentic and true to my experience. It’s about going back to why I started blogging in the first place, to share my experience and connect with likeminded people. And I believe there is a space for me to do the same with video as well.

Do watch the video above to find out more about the types of videos I plan to create.

And I would LOVE you forever if you could support me by subscribing to my Rosalilium channel here.

Thanks for the support folks!



  1. Hi Elizabeth – I’ve been reading for ages, but never commented yet. I watched and loved all your Awesome Wave vlogs, and will pop over to YT in a minute and subscribe to Rosalilium as well. I haven’t yet watched the video in this post, but the title caught my eye (and caused this comment, too), as I am 46 and having blogged for years wanted a new challenge, and started my YT channel last year. It’s still very little, but growing steadily, and I love the ongoing challenge of improving filming and editing skills, even at my ‘great age’! You’ll find me here if you’d like to have a look.
    Off to have a look at your channel now, and can’t wait for your next trip overseas and more AW vlogs!
    Caroline x

  2. Hi! That was a good video-you are a good speaker! I’ve always liked the Awesome wave videos, esp the one of the market in Thailand! To be honest with you, I don’t really watch people talking on Youtube, ( I tend to watch old TV episodes on Youtube ) only bloggers like yourself who I read and want to support so I will watch the videos they post in order to support you. I always enjoy them but I’ve not really ever actively sought videos to watch about any topics, so when you asked at the end about any topics I’d be interested in, well, I really don’t know!!! I’ll watch whatever you post on here!
    It’s good to hear about 30 year old topics too- I didn’t know all the Youtubers were in their 20’s!!!!

    Phew, commentasaurus! I’m trying to wade my way through the whole BEDM list to try and visit and comment on a few posts of everyone’s but I’m finding it really tough to keep it up- I’m almost up to half way down the list, but I don’t know if I can keep it up! It’s been really nice to have one or two visits in return from a few people and to have 2 new regular blog friends and to get to know one of my blogreads from before a lot better so thank you for organising it!

  3. You are so completely right with this. I’ve been toying with the idea of adding video content to my blog for a while and have always been put off because I thought I was too old for You Tube. You’ve inspired me to keep giving it a go and just see if I like it. I should make the decision for myself not because there are so many younger vloggers out there. If I thought like that in other areas of my life I’d never get anything done! Thank you!

  4. Yes, this! I tend to find a lot of the successful DIY channels are produced by either big companies (they make amazing videos) or teen/tweens who are very excited and make lots of sparkly things. There’s not a lot of middle ground in this genre either! I’ve been meaning to start making videos for a while and you’ve got me pumped!

    I would love to see more beauty/fashion advice for 30 something year olds. I don’t read/watch any beauty blogs/podcasts because I just can’t relate to them. Also you can definitely tell how much more confident you are now infront of the camera now. Youtube superstar in the making!

    Fran xx

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