Self-Care Sunday: Breakfast in Bed

Self-Care Sunday - Breakfast in Bed

Self-Care Sunday is a project aimed at inspiring myself and others to make active choices once a week to nourish our mind, body and spirit.

(you can read last week’s post here)

This week is about taking the morning slow and setting the tone for the day. I’m aiming for a slow heart rate and a more peaceful mind.

Instead of thinking about work, projects and new ideas, I’m taking my time over breakfast, letting my body remain comfortably in bed, and reading through my favourite inspirational blogs.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast tray and fresh linen

Sunday’s breakfast is keeping it simple but adding a little something exciting – so I’ve chosen these delicious chocolate and hazelnut croissants from Sainsburys. They are so generous with the chocolate inside, it’s much more satisfying than a pain au chocolat.

Usually I eat bran flakes for breakfast, but a sweet treat for Self-Care Sunday is perfect for the spirit (and belly… maybe there’s a belly spirit?).

Along with my croissant I made a delicious cappuccino with my brand new Nespresso machine (a very exciting present from my Daddio). Now that I am a full-on coffee drinker, I do love a medium-strength frothy cappucino for breakfast. I find it both revitalising and comforting at the same time. Is that normal?

Self Care Sunday

The bed sheets are brand new and I am very excited about them. They’re a review sample sent over to me from the folks at Christy and I couldn’t be more pleased with them.  I chose the Chantilly in white and it has the most gorgeous intricate embroidery all over it.

In hindsight I’ve realised I probably should’ve ironed these before putting them on the bed, I was just too excited to get them out onto the bed. But they’re super high quality bed sheets so they’ll wash up and iron beautifully. Although wrangling a hot iron over a super-king size sheet is a erm… interesting. If anyone has any good tips for doing that efficiently let me know!

Well, these sheets are stunning and the high cotton count feels rad. I feel a luxury bed linen obsession coming on…

Christy Bed Sheets

Beautiful yellow flowers

And for the final touch … some beautiful fresh flowers. As a very visual person, I do love to surround myself with beautiful things and bringing a touch of nature along to breakfast is perfect for happy vibes on this Sunday morning.

Would you like to take part in Self-Care Sunday?

Take a photo of something special you are doing for self-care today and share on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #SelfCareSundayShare.

Or if you want to blog about what you get up to pop your link in the comments below so we can find it.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Take care and enjoy your self-care!