Self Care Sunday: Luxury Bathtime

SelfcareSundayShare Luxury Bathtime

Self Care Sunday is my new series on Rosalilium where I focus on at least one activity every week purely for taking care of myself physically, mentally and spiritually.

If left to my own devices I am a worrier, a workaholic and all round stressy-pants. I will often find myself feeling the strain both physically and mentally, which ultimately is counterintuitive for being a happy, productive person.

There have been times when I have been so burnt-out that I can barely think anymore. Other times, like recently, my body just gives up for a while (hello bad back). I need to start listening to what my mind and body is telling me and make time to relax more.

And so, this series is just as much for me as it is for you. It is to serve as a reminder that I need to take some time for myself, to have a breather, to relax, to enjoy myself, or simply just switch off. By sharing here on my blog I am hoping it will hold myself accountable and maybe it might just inspire you to do the same.

Mandi Lulur by RitualsSelf Care Sunday Relaxing in the Bath

This week’s Self Care Sunday theme is to take a long, relaxing hot bath with gorgeous luxury smellies and unwinding to relaxing music.

I was inspired by two things for this week’s activity. The first was the doctor advising me to take hot baths to help soothe my bad back (and result, it worked!), the second was this beautiful hamper of bath products from Rituals.

About a month or so ago I attended the Beauty Confidential at House of Fraser in Birmingham and as part of that event I entered a raffle. The prize was this luxury hamper of the limited edition Mandi Lulur by Rituals products. They are scented with the exotic mix of frangipani and rice milk, it’s light, relaxing and rather indulgent.

UE Boom at BathtimeRelaxing

For me, a bath is not complete without music. It helps me unwind and get lost in my thoughts. Love it.

Back in the day I used to use a combination of extensions leads and squeezing cables under the door to play my CDs on my boom box in the bathroom. Possibly not my finest health and safety moment.

But these days I have the much safer option of using my UE Boom speaker in the bathroom. It’s not only portable with rather snazzy sound quality, but it’s also waterproof. Hoorah! I can hook it up to my iPhone through bluetooth, keeping that safely out of the way, and listen away to my heart’s, much safer, content.

Rituals Scented Candle

Oh yes, and no relaxing bath is complete without the soothing flickering flame of a scented candle. I have quite the stash of candles in my many storage boxes all over the country (one day I’ll have everything I own in one place, I’m sure) but this one was also included in my luxury hamper box so I went full on with the Mandi Lulur scent. It was bordering on intoxicating.

Self Care Sunday_Luxury Bath Time

I think I managed a good 45 minutes in the bath having a good ol’ soak. I had relaxing music (I am still addicted to Nightbook by Ludovico Einaudi), scented candle, the most bubbliest of bubble baths ever, a gorgeous body scrub and I finished it all off with a good slather of my new shimmer body cream afterwards. Lovely.

I came out of my luxury bath time feeling relaxed, quieter in my mind and generally content. Self Care Sunday was a success!

If you would like to get involved with Self Care Sunday (I highly recommend it!) then share your moments with me on Instagram (you can follow me here if you like) using the hashtag #SelfCareSundayShare.

I’d love to see us inspire each other to make time to take care of ourselves at least once a week.




Thank you to Ultimate Ears for my UE Boom and House of Fraser for the Rituals hamper