Short Trip to London: A Hipstamatic Story

I popped up to London yesterday to carry out some Uni errands and visit my Brixton family (the family I lodged with for 6 months earlier this year). Thanks to the awesome Megatrain this trip was made affordable and now London, and the rest of the country, has become a possibility for me again now that my Young Persons Railcard is no more. I got a ticket for half the normal price, and if I book further in advance I can  get £1 single tickets. I am so chuffed about this bargain! How did I not know about this before?

So I wandered through Southampton to catch my train, and marvelled at the lovely autumn-ness on the trees.

london parks

I made my way to UCL and walked past the imposing Senate House building. It always makes me think of George Orwell’s 1984. I love it.

senate house london

I walked through the British Museum, saying a quick hello to this lovely fella.

british museum

One of my very good friends works at the British Museum so I text her on the off-chance she was around.

ceiling british museum

And indeed she was. She suggested lunch and we ended up getting cake! She always makes me eat yummy cake whenever I see her. We had a good natter in this awesome bookshop/cafe nearby – I wish I could remember the name to offer a recommendation because the Chocolate and Almond Flourless cake was incredible.

tea and cake

Next I caught the tube down to Brixton to see the family and enjoyed booze and food and chatter.

bovril ghost sign

Then I stumbled up to Waterloo to catch the train back to Southampton. I was feeling a little woozy and sleepy but a lovely day was had.

  1. THat's the LRB cake shop, I'm almost certain! My favourite bookshop in London (and possibly the world), and I especially love the fact that they have a cafe and actually *call* it a cake shop not a coffee shop. Good priorities! They do indeed do amazing cake, and you can always overhear the best conversations in that place….!

    Great photos 🙂

  2. Your pictures remind me of visiting London. AM I allowed to say my very favourite is the first.

    There is a recipe for flourless chocolate cake on the blog.

  3. sounds so cool and you remind me how lucky I am to live in london. Love the images. Brixton? You were only a small way away!


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