Someone needs to wear Glasses…

Last week I trundled along to my local Optician’s for a routine eye test. Except, it wasn’t quite routine. You see, a routine would imply a regular occurrence but I have to admit that I have not set foot into an Optician’s since I was a teen. It was so long ago that I had my last eye test, I did not even remember how eye tests were conducted. Reading letters that decreased in size. It seemed so easy in my memory. But oh no….I had some dude shining bright lights into my eyes and getting right up into my face so he could stare into them with some scary looking eye instrument. It was so in-depth. And thorough, I guess.

Long story short, I need glasses. For the first time ever in my whole entire life history. Yep.

I didn’t even know I needed glasses. I only went to the Opticians because the temp agency I am with at the moment gave me a voucher for a free eye test.

Good job I finally went. I’m a little bit short-sighted according to my prescription. The Opticians said I probably didn’t realise because I don’t drive.

Bloggers in Glasses

Soooo….. now I have the enormous mission of trying to find a pair of glasses that suit my face and look pretty and will inspire me to fork out a whole load of money I don’t have. Brilliant.

Part of me is rather excited about this new foray into eyewear. Yey! Accessories! The other part of me, however, is a bit anxious (not just about cost) about finding ‘the one’. What if I can only find ugly glasses? What if no glasses suit me at all? What if my face is just not cut out for glasses? Argh….

Needless the say the latter part of me is being somewhat irrational. Of course I’ll find a lovely pair of glasses. I just need to take my time trying on frames, getting advice and seeking inspiration. So to start with I checked out some of my favourite Style Blogger’s to help me make a mini scrapbook of stylish glasses-wearers. I like how these ladies are rocking their glasses with confidence. I am think super-sassy is the way to go.

Next step is to spend several hours in my local Optician’s trying on every single pair of glasses they have. Mission Awesome Glasses has now begun.


Glasses inspiration from:

Elsie – A Beautiful Mess // Kimberley – Eat.Sleep.Wear // Gem – GemFatale // Jen – A Little Bird Told Me // Keiko – Keiko Lynn // Poppy Dinsey – WIWT

  1. Good call about being there for hours. I’m always there forever!

    Glasses will go perfectly with your sweet, sexy, and cool style you have going on. And your face can pull off just about any frame.

  2. Ooohh, I think glasses will definitely suit you – I’m meant to wear them as well, but more often than not, I don’t even know where they are! Definitely make sure you like them before you commit, even if you have to try on every pair in the shop – I’m not really keen on mine anymore, which means I never wear them and my eyes are getting worse, and also that I’ve got to fork out more money for new ones!

    Looking forward to the first glasses outfit post!

  3. I LOVE my glasses. They feel like part of me now to the point where I barely ever wear contact lenses. Try on LOADS. When I decided (about ten years ago – yikes) that metal frames were not for me, I tried on about 75 pairs of dark framed glasses in three different opticians and the ones I got then sent me on a brilliant path where I found out that with my colouring dark frames work well – unfortunately the currently trendy square frames? Not so well, as my face is square so I need something with a wider shape to balance my face.

    There are good guides to frame shapes for face types out there as well – I think Specsavers has one – but the key? Try everything on, even stuff you think will look ridiculous – only you need to know if they do!

  4. Good luck with your mission! It genuinely takes me hours to decide on a new pair of glasses, and I always end up buying the most expensive pair… But the way I see it, it’s like a haircut – gonna be on you head every day so it’s worth investing it something you love. I’d recommend going to an opticians with a good selection of designer glasses. Honestly, I never think own-brand glasses look quite right, especially when they’re trying to be fashionable.

    Oh, and well done for finally getting an eye test – make sure you keep it up – saw this the other day and it completely freaked me out!
    Susannah xx

    1. Hi Susuannah,
      I had to remove the link you posted. I won’t click on any shortened link without explanation for security purposes and I wouldn’t want to put my readers at risk either. Hope you understand.
      Thanks for the comment, though!

  5. Small confession, I have no idea what I really look like without glasses, I’ve had them since I was in Year 8 and my eyes are so bad I can’t really see in the mirror without them.

    Finding the right pair for me takes forever though – I wear them as soon as I get up and have them on until I go to bed, so they have to be perfect, last time I got some it took me two hours over two days lol, you’ll know when you’ve found a pair you’re really happy with though, so don’t worry. x

  6. I love wearing my glasses & recently treated myself to a new pair from specs savers! £45 incl lenses! BARGAIN! They are really nice & I’ve had loads of complements on them! Get yourself down there pronto!

  7. Siobhan is so right….you have to try on LOADS! It’s stacks of fun, and you really do have to try before deciding what’ll suit you and not.

    I don’t like metal frames either (which I unfortunately only realised when I bought this wretched metal pair I have now!)….they just aren’t as comfy over the nose, but I guess this is personal. These ones also have loads of bling on the arms, which I fell for because they were all shiny. Wish I hadn’t though as most of the stones have fallen out and they look tatty even though they are ‘designer’!

    One REALLY big tip I’d give is to NOT go to Specsavers! It’s very appealing when you look at their prices and 2 for 1 offers (I like to get sunglasses too), but the quality of the lenses is awful…the boyf and his Mum have found the same. They are just never clean, and scratch really easily, even if you pay for the special coating.

    We’ve recently had this website ) recommended to us though, which is a total bargain. So if you can find something to try on in the shop that they have online, I’d do that to save the money! You should be able to get a copy of your prescription if you’ve not already.

    I’ve only been wearing glasses a few years, and like you was surprised to find I was a little short sighted. It has gotten worse, although apparently it’s a myth that it gets worse if you don’t wear your glasses.

    I definitely love the excuse to buy more accessories though (even if they are they are so expensive!)… enjoy it!

    1. I think the online recommendation might be the way to go. I’ll try them on instore and then have a gander for good value online. Thanks, lovely!

  8. I bet you will look ace in glasses! I love trying on glasses whenever I go the opticians (which is usually just to accompany Scott as I don’t need them boooo)

  9. I have glasses now. Found some brilliant frames for £79 (for 2 pairs, lenses included) in Boots. Poppy D was definitely part of my glasses inspiration too 🙂

  10. I’ve just had some new glasses. I spent an absolute age in the opticians. I went in 4 times and took a friend, my sister and my boyf. Eventually I went for some tortoise shell geek chic style glasses. As soon as I wore them in front of my family they pulled out my middle school photos and there I was wearing virtually the same glasses!!! Clearly I was waaaay ahead of the game when I was 10!! lol. x

  11. I was the same as you and dreaded the whole process. Then i luckily won a twitter comp for a voucher to spend on the Specsavers Gok Wan range. I really liked his range when it came to trying on styles and I ended up going for a pale grey pair of geeky frames which I love.

    I think you could carry off most styles my dear, who knows you might absolutely love your new look (think sexy secretary/cool librarian 🙂

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