Summer In The City 2014 – Creator’s Day

Summer in the City 2014

On Friday we hotfooted it down to London to attend the Summer in the City 2014 Creator Day at the Alexandra Palace. Summer in the City, for those who have yet to hear of it, is a Youtuber event spanning two days where fans get to meet some of the top names in Youtubing. Originally starting out as a meet-up and gathering, it has now turned into a kind of festival-cum-gig where Youtubers get up on stage, answer questions, perform and generally provide a show for thousands of Youtube fans. It’s crazy to think of. But that is the power of Youtube these days.

Anyhow, I wasn’t so much interested in SitC as an event – my screaming over teenage days are well and truly over – but when the Creator’s Day popped up on my twitter stream I was intrigued.

SITC 2014 Creator Day Schedule

As you can see from the schedule screenshot above, the Creator’s Day is a chance for industry and Youtubers to get together in a conference style setting and learn new skills to take their videos further. And as getting to grips with Youtube is one of my 32 before 32 goals, this was the perfect opportunity to find out how to do so.

at the youtube stand

In the main expo space in the Alexandra Palace there were a bunch of stands including a large YouTube area. There you could try out the Google Glass or get 1-on-1 critiques and advice on your channel. Oh, and there were some pretty snazzy freebie sunnies to pick up too.

wearing the youtube sunglassesChicken Burger at Alexandra Palace

After the first session we were in dire need of coffee so we ended up sharing a little lunch of chicken burger and fries – totally anti our new diet, but there wasn’t much available. So it was a bit of a cheat day. Let me tell you though, those fries were delicious!

Panel at SITC 2014

We spent the rest of the afternoon listening to various panels and talk covering monetising, diversification, joining multi-channel networks, working with brands, how to make a creative strategy and more.

with Holly

And I got to meet Holly finally! We’ve been online friends for YEARS! Our paths had yet to cross but we managed to meet up on Friday. I love my bloggy-twitter-online buddies – they’re the best.

Oh, and I made a little vlog of the day – would be rude not to, considering it’s a Youtube conference!

Hope you like the video!

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So yeah, a really interesting day at Summer in the City 2014 Creator’s Day. There is a lot of cross-over between blogging and youtubing, yet there was a distinct lack of chat about this on the day. I should probably blog about that over at Blognix. But if they do it again next year, I’d happily recommend trying it out. It was only £30 a ticket, not bad for an industry event.