Sunday Walk in Salcey Forest

On Sunday I took a stroll through Salcey Forest with my family. For miles around there were beautiful woods and paths to walk and cycle.
Salcey Forest
We played I-Spy with my little sister as we wandered towards the tree-top walk, spotting large bumble-bees hard at work.
Bee on flower
We tried to guess the names of trees and plants and scrambled over tree trunks of mighty trees blown over in storms.
We took the long wooden walkway up, up and up through the forest and over the canopy until we could see for miles around.
 Treetop walk

These are what Sundays are made of.


  1. Sounds perfect. So nice to get away to the greenery in this heat. Still haven't been on a treetop walkway, think there is one at Kew Gardens near me, really must try find one before summer is out.

  2. Actually, just looked up where Salcey Forest is – my boyfriend's family live in Northamptonshire so might try a trip next time we're visiting.

  3. It really is lovely…and we finished our walk with enormous ice creams with a flake. It was yum.

    Oh and I totally forgot to mention that the tree-top walkway is completely sloped until the viewing platform at the end so it is wheelchair-friendly, which is one of the main reasons my family goes there.

  4. @Indie.Tea – Yes it is a thistle! I had to get scarily close to the bee for that shot! But it was far to busy pollinating and such to notice me.

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