Why I Love Supermarkets in Spain

One of the joys of staying in a self-catering villa in Spain is that we got to visit the local supermarkets, or supermercado, on a regular basis to buy our food.

I know some of you might be thinking “who would want to go on holiday only to have to do the food shopping and cooking”. And I totally get that. There is a definite joy in being cooked for in a hotel for a week. But I actually loved going to the supermarket in Spain.

Iberico Chorizo

Supermarkets in other countries are so different to ours in the UK. It’s fascinating to wander around the shop looking at the different products they have on sale. The great thing about Spain is the plethora of chorizo on offer. There are so many different kinds of chorizo – I was like a kid in a sweet shop!

Plus, it’s much cheaper over there to buy their scrummy local produce. So we bought up loads of cured meats and fresh seafood to eat back at the villa.

Cooking on the barbeque

The great thing about this villa was that it had a barbeque. As the sun was going down we could get the charcoal on the go and throw some delicious food on the barbeque.

Apart from the occasional mozzie, eating al fresco is one of my favourite things (so much so that I even have a Pinterest board devoted solely to Al Fresco dining).

Eggs and Pancetta

Eating breakfast out on the veranda in the morning was one of my favourite moments of the day. Between 8 and 10.30am the air was cool, the sun was coming up and I would make up a pot of tea (brought my own teabags didn’t I?! Yorkshire Tea all the way, ha!) and read my book or jot in my journal. It was perfectly relaxing.

Then we would have some breakfast. Sometimes a bowl of cereal, other times something tasty like fried eggs and pancetta.

Limon Fanta

A holiday in Spain is not complete without a can of Limon Fanta. Yep.

Churros from a can

One of my favourite discoveries at the Supermercado was that they sell Churros in a squirty can! How awesome is that?! So, of course we had to try some. It’s super-simple – you just heat up some vegetable oil in a frying pan, shake the squirty can and then spray the churros straight in. Hoorah! Then serve with some chocolate spread for a late night snack that will make you very happy indeed.

I totally forgot to take a photo of the can – but if you’re interested we found the can in the fridge section of the supermercado. They also do squirty can pancakes but we didn’t like them as much

Meal in the Villa

One of our villa-cooked meals. The mozzies were out in full force this evening so we decided to save our legs and eat indoors.

We made garlic prawns. garlic bread, chorizo and pepper salsa, and a green salad. Needless to say, we LOVE garlic in everything.

Wine and Chorizo

Some of the evenings we weren’t that hungry so we just enjoyed some cured meats – hello Serrano Ham and Iberico Chorizo! – and break, all washed down with some delicious local red wines.

Have I mentioned how delicious some of those Spanish red wines are?! Oh my … too good! We found some particularly delicious Rioja’s and Syrrah’s in the supermercado. All for around 5 quid. Tasty bargains indeed.

Bran Flakes

And one of the best parts of shopping locally in Spain is that you get to see some of the more unusual marketing activities of well-known products from back home … Bran Flakes on Toast anyone???



  1. Churros in a squirty can? Be still my beating heart. I have filed that away in my brain ready for the next time I’m in Spain – I must experience that!

  2. Churros in a can! Amazing.

    I’ve not been to Spain much, but I’ve been to France quite a bit and I am similarly enamoured with their supermarkets- particularly the bread section.

  3. Oh my – Spanish food gets me very excited – on honeymoon I had tomatoes on toast for breakfast (grated tomatoes with a little bit of olive oil and black pepper) and the food markets smell immense. We ate a lot of fruit and veg as how can you resist – and of course, the ham….

    I’ve just eaten lunch but I’m already drooling!

  4. I also really like looking through foreign supermarkets, even though I haven’t really had the chance to cook for myself in a different country like you did. I remember really enjoying browsing through supermarkets in Barcelona a few years ago. I bought this hilarious squeezable jam called “Frut al punto” which I knew from my beginner’s Spanish course means “Fruit on Time”. It made me laugh. 🙂

  5. Going to another country’s food shops is almost the best bit. I love how you’re posting pics of that and not just restaurant food.

    I’m taking my other half to Casa Brindisa for our mid December Christmas dinner (the one where we celebrate what we have achieved in our businesses that year). I am so looking forward to the acorn fed ham. Drool.

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