Switzerland: The Land of Chocolate, Clocks, Snow and Mountains

Flying into Switzerland

When my best friend called me last week asking if I wanted to pop over to Swissyland to visit her for a few days, I said “well is a Bear Catholic?”. Within moments my flight was booked and I was hotfooting it over the mountains to the lovely town of Lausanne. The bestie has lived here for a three years now and somehow I’ve only been to visit once before. (Of course, there was that little trip over to Canada for her wedding last year). So what is the first thing my bestie insists we do when I arrive in Swissyland? She gets my layered up warm clothes to go watch the Red Bull Crashed Ice competition. Of course. Isn’t that what everyone who goes to the land of chocolate and clocks and mountains expects to be doing?

crashed ice

The sheer excitement of my bestie and her hubby was infectious. They were unbelievably excited about watching these crazy men skate down this crazy ice course with just a pair of ice skates on. The course is all downhill and full of bumps and leaps and lots of dangerous-ness. It’s nuts to watch really. So we found a spot and watched the crazy dudes hurtle down this ice course and we cheered on the Canadians (there were not Brits competing so we were supporting the bestie). It was surprisingly fun actually and afterwards there was a special guest performance from the Asian Dub Foundation which was pretty rad too. We listened to them as we munched on delicious hot dogs.


On Sunday we decided to make use of the sunshine and went on a meandering random roadtrip to some local places along Lake Geneva. It was our initial intention to visit the local vineyards (who knew Swiss wine could be so delicious?) but we got distracted first by a trip to Vevey when we saw a sign for an Antiques Market. And then we ended up driving to Montreaux just to get an amazing hot chocolate. It was quite the detour.

Finally in the late afternoon we drove through the steep vineyards that flank this part of the coast of Lake Geneva. We stopped in Verpesses to take in the view and stumbled across this adorable little bar serving the wine from their vineyards. But more on that later. Afterwards we watched the sunset behind the mountains. It is such a beautiful place here.

Vevey Antiques Market

Verpesses Wine

It was a delightful afternoon and we finished up the day chilling out on the sofa eating the most garlicky fajitas I have ever tasted and watching The Avengers film. We are all huge Joss Whedon fans.

With the bestie

The trip has been very relaxing so far and exactly what the doctor ordered.

  1. Looks gorgeous. I didn’t realise you can get swiss wine.I’ve tried Canadian Ice Wine by the way which is very sweet.cold and delicous.Looking forward to more posts from your trip.

  2. Lovely! My husband is spending three weeks in Switzerland this summer for a PhD program! We in America, so it will be pretty exciting for him to visit and see what there is to see. (If he has time away from school, of course!)

    Sounds like you have had a great time! It looks like a lovely place.

  3. It looks perfect. I need to send this to M so he can arrange for us to have some time there soon (through family)

    I am very jealous of you going to the Red Bull thing. It is just the sort of thing I would love to see.

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