Switzerland: The Secret Wine Bar

wine alley

Down this cute little alleyway is an unassuming door that leads to a super-cute wine bar. The door is shut and you would think they were probably not open, but inside we found a handful of tables with a few patrons sipping on wine, eating bread and sausages.

The big lesson here is to open the door. Often there is awesomeness to be found inside.

Wine Bar

We drove up through the vineyards, of which there are plenty along the coast of Lake Geneva, where Swiss wine is produced. I was not even aware that the Swiss produce wine and that is because most of it is produced for local consumption.

The vinyards are protected and don’t have the scope for large scale mechanisation so the small crops are happily sold to the locals. And the tourists who are happy to take the drive up the hills.

Lake Geneva

We stopped in Epesses to take in the view of Lake Geneva with the distant mountains shrouded in fog and a dropping sun on the horizon. There was a little village here so we walked through and stumbled across this bar called Maison du Vigneron (on Ruelle du Vieux Bourg).

You can buy the wine by the half bottle which is ideal for a quick afternoon drink between three. The bar is situated in a vaulted stone room with simple wooden tables and a couple of large striking sunburst pieces of art.

Over the bar is an upturned wheel from which cured sausages hang and there is a large wooden block and knife on the bar with a fresh loaf of bread on it. The simplicity is perfect.

Inside the wine bar

Swiss Wine

The wine was delicious. They had run out of the Epesses wine so we opted for the Calamin. It was a very clean, light white wine which would be perfect for a picnic. It was just lovely. I wish I could bring a case of it home with me.

Highly recommended!

  1. This looks amazing! Its always nice to get off the beaten track a bit and find places that are a bit more ‘authentic’. I had no idea that the Swiss made wine! I love reading your travel posts, they never fail to make me want to fly off somewhere!
    Vic @ Frankly Vic

    1. my travel posts always make me want to fly off somewhere too. I am the one who went! *sigh* I love travelling…

  2. This is so dreamy – the kind of place you always hope you’re going to find when you go on holiday so you can boast about it when you get home! We’re planning a trip to Iceland this year, but Switzerland is very much on my list – a friend did a year abroad there and her facebook photos made me so envious!

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