The Good Life Unravelled Podcast: Ep. 28 – Thriving Instead of Just Surviving with Tamu Thomas


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In today’s podcast episode we are chatting to Tamu Thomas, a holistic life coach and former social worker. She specialises in supporting women in the transitional period of their late thirties and forties. Allowing them to flourish through a period that is often met with resistance.

In this episode Tamu shares her journey from working as a social worker for 15 years and moving to create her own wellness business using her skills to help people learn to thrive rather than just survive.

Tamu teaches us what the difference is between surviving and thriving, and how to spot that in our own lives.

She shares how our modern society is set up to keep us in a scarcity mindset that stops us from being who we truly are.

We chat about how we teach boundaries to ourselves and our children.

We discuss how to figure out our true selves, and find where joy really sits for us. We touch on how we’ve learned that joy and happiness and wonder are seen as vulnerable and often deny it to ourselves.

We talk about the body-mind connection and Tamu shares examples of how our mind and lives are manifesting in our body. We discuss body wisdom and how to listen to it.

Tamu shares a bit about what shadow work is and how that can be a source of finding your true joy and sense of self.

Plus, we chat a bit about flow state and it’s importance to our self-care routines.


  • How to spot if you are living in survive or thrive mode.
  • If we are who we truly are, we will find who we belong to.
  • When people think of what brings them joy they often think back to a time where magic and wonder was allowed.
  • Everyday joy is about seeing something ordinary that brings connection to beauty and wonder.
  • Chasing happiness is addictive but cannot exist all the time.
  • Joy is a state of mind.
  • The more we valued logic over intuition the more we distanced ourselves from the wisdom of our bodies.


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