The Benefits of Good Posture

I am halfway through trialling the UPRIGHT GO posture training device (see my first impressions review here) and it has sparked my interest in the science of good posture. I think posture is something many of us are aware of, we know that most of us need to improve our posture, but we probably forget just how seriously can affect our bodies.

Upright Go Posture Device

What is good posture?

Posture is the position in which you hold you body against gravity, whether it is standing, sitting or lying down.

Good posture is all about your body being in correct alignment so that all of your muscles are being used properly, your joints are balanced, and all the stress on your ligaments are at a healthy level.

Essentially, good posture is the human body being correct aligned in order to function properly. Plus, it makes you look better and feel confident!

What causes bad posture?

Bad posture is usually caused when poor habits have caused our body to tighten, and it starts to feel comfortable in positions that have a long-term detrimental effect.

Bad posture can cause:

  • poor blood circulation
  • spine and vertebrae to deteriorate
  • headaches
  • neck pain
  • herniated discs
  • twisted muscles
  • and limited muscle movement

There are several causes for bad posture, and it’s not just down to laziness! Bad posture can be caused by weight gain, genetics, unsupportive footwear, stress, poor lumbar support, unsupportive mattress, low self-esteem, unhealthy desk set-up, weak muscles or an injury.

In short, bad posture = poor health and wellbeing.

Upright Go Posture Training

Why does good posture matter?

Good posture keeps your bones and joints aligned so that your muscles work correctly. This decreases any abnormal wearing on your joints, or stress on the ligaments in your spine.

Good posture also prevents fatigue because your muscles are being used more efficiently, and thus your body needs to use less energy.

It also prevents common problems such as backache and muscle pain, and it can improve your breathing.

Plus, your appearance is improved when your body is better aligned. When you have good posture you feel more confident and in control.

Upright Go Review

Halfway point review of UPRIGHT GO

I am halfway through my review of the UPRIGHT GO posture training device so I thought I’d give you my honest thoughts so far.

In terms of positive attributes, I like that this is a discreet wearable. For the most part I work from home, but once it’s stuck onto my back I can walk around the house doing chores, watch telly, and even popping up the shops. I like that once it’s under my jumper you don’t notice. Plus, I have long-ish hair which keeps it mostly covered over.

I also like that the Upright Go is sensitive to movement. I get a short vibration if I start slouching during my training phases. This reminds me to sit back up with better posture. You can change how long it vibrates for, and how long you are slouched for before it vibrates. This means it isn’t irritating and constantly buzzing every time you bend down for example.

You are advised not to over-train, which is why you have personal timed training sessions of around ten minutes per day so your muscles don’t get sore. 

The tracking stats are so interesting to follow. Each day I can see clearly how the percentage of time I was sat upright vs slouching. It’s super useful to easily track how my posture was for the day and overall I’m able to see how effective the device has been.

Upright Go Review

I would say that, the battery life means I get maybe a day’s use out of it at a time so you have to make sure you remember to charge it regularly. I’m trying to get into the habit of charging every evening as it can be a bit of a pain when you get the device ready to go on your back and it’s low on battery.

I also find you need to get the calibration just right. If you push your body into too stiff a position you’ll never maintain it throughout the day. Sometimes it takes a few goes to get the calibration comfortable and healthy. I would also be conscious of not over training if you don’t already have strong core and back muscles. The programme is designed to have you upright with better posture over a period of three to four weeks so there’s no rush for instant results.

Overall I am finding that wearing the Upright Go posture training device makes me more aware of my posture, and that can only be a good thing. I do believe that something like posture training will take a few months to totally correct and improve, but so far I am finding the awareness that the Upright Go offers is helping me on my way.

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The benefits of good postureBenefits of good postureBenefits of good posture