Introducing The Big Blogging Bootcamp E-Course

Now is the time to start thinking ahead to 2014. What are you hoping to achieve in the New Year? And more importantly, what will you be doing with your blog?

I like to plan ahead, write my goals list and create an action plan each New Year. But this time I want to share everything I’ve learnt about blogging with you!

I’ve developed the Big Blogging Bootcamp 30 day e-course – an interactive bitesize curriculum aimed to help you get your blogging mojo on, improve your blogging skills, get the most out of your blog … plus all those bits in between.

Sounds fun, eh?

I figured it was about time I shared all that knowledge stored up in that brain of mine and get my passion for blogging out there. Because we all know how enthusiastic I am about blogging. Whoop, yeah!

As a big thank you to all my blog readers I am offering an earlybird rate for both packages of the Big Blogging Bootcamp. I want as many folks to be involved that want to be.

So what does this course include?

Each participant will get 30 challenges, one a day during the month of January (and I’ve given you the last day off because I’m nice like that). The challenges focus on different aspects of blogging including technical shiz, marketing, photography, and building your blog. The idea is to slowly but surely improve, enhance and boost your blog bit by bit throughout January so that you get your blog off to a great start in 2014!

The e-course also includes some free bonus extras – hoorah!

Each participant will also receive a brand new copy of my upcoming eBook ’21 Ways to Be a Better Blogger’. Plus a whole bunch of free downloads and tools to help you on your blogging way.

Finally, any Premium member will receive up to one hour 1-2-1 Skype or Google+ consultation with me during January where we can hash out some ideas for your blog.

What are the benefits of this e-course?

You will gain the confidence and know-how to make your blog the very best you can. You will learn actionable tips to grow your blog. And you will be learning from someone who has been blogging for over five years and is super-passionate about all things blogging.

Together we can bring out your blog awesomeness!

What next?

If you fancy taking the Big Blogging Bootcamp e-course head on over to this page to choose your package. Both options have a super special earlybird price until December 20th so get in there quick!

You can purchase your place on the e-course directly from the page. I am using Paypal so all payments are secure and private. You can also pay via any major credit card on paypal, should you wish.

I am REALLY excited to share this e-course with you.

I hope you love it as much as I have loved writing and developing it!

Check out The Big Blogging Bootcamp e-course today!