The Importance of Time Off – Cornwall

We are super lucky to have friends living in Cornwall. With an apartment located near Fistral Beach in Newquay, they are in the loveliest of locations by the seaside AND for exploring the stunning county that is Cornwall.

After a long dark winter we were desperate to get away for a days. We packed up Deborah the Van and slowly made our way down to Cornwall, stopping every hour or so for a break.

The weather was rather inclement, and it was forecast to pretty much rain the entire time we were away. But we didn’t mind. We just need a good ol’ break away from it all and some fresh sea air.

Halfway along our journey as we were at the end of the motorway part of the trip, we made the spontaneous decision to stop off in Exeter for a spot of lunch.

Exeter Cathedral Devon

Tapas lunch Exeter

It was Raj’s first time in Exeter, but for me it was a trip down memory lane. I had been a uni student there for a year many, many, many… moons ago. In fact, it was the near the beginning of the millennium that I was last the city. As soon as we reached the old city I was hit by a rush of nostalgia and memories. It was intense.

Thankfully my memory still served me well and we made it to the cathedral where we parked up and walked up through the cathedral square to pick somewhere to eat.

The rain was pounding down hard and we barely had a chance to take in the pretty surroundings. Luckily we picked the restaurant at the hotel Abode Exeter where they had a table by the window free. After releasing ourselves from our sodden jackets we snuggled down into our big comfy chairs to peruse the menu whilst sipping blazing hot tea and marvelling at the beautiful cathedral opposite.

Bellies full, and minds rested we pottered back to the van and carried on with our journey to Newquay over the striking and almost barren landscape of the undulating moorlands.

Once in Newquay we drove straight down to Fistral Beach where we made a beeline for the Stables restaurant to grab another table by the window where we drank small coffees, shared a decadent chocolate brownie and gazed out to the huge Atlantic rollers bashing down on the beach.

That evening we enjoyed a perfectly chilled out time with our friends, eating homemade pasta, drinking delicious wine and playing the longest ever game of Trivial Pursuit. Jeez… those questions were hard!

The next day we rolled out of bed feeling heavy from the long drive the day before and sea air around us. Don’t you find the sea air, as uplifting and delicious as it is, can also make you so much more wearier that usual?

St Ives Cornwall

To our delight the sun had come out so we jumped into the car and hotfooted it down to St. Ives for an outing.

St. Ives was a utter delight. I had heard about the Cornish town many a times but not given it too much thought. Yet, just a few hours in this pretty place and I’m sold. The town was buzzing with people as it was the Easter weekend and one of the few clear, sunny days we were having. The roads around the town are narrow, steep and full of turns. It was a good job we took our friend’s smaller car as Deborah the Van would have had some real trouble.

St Ives Beach

Tourist St Ives

Once parked up, we took a short stroll around some of the lanes, past a beautiful beach and down to the main harbour. St. Ives is said to have attracted artists for years and I can see why. Everywhere you look there is something to look at, and there really is something about the light there. It’s just … magical (cheesy as that sounds).

Narrow street in St Ivesfirst house in St Ivesbeach at St ives

We grabbed a fish and chip lunch, as you do, before taking another gentle stroll around taking lots of photos as we went, peaking into some of the numerous galleries, and continually reminding ourselves that we needed to come back there again when it was warmer.

The rest of the weekend became increasingly relaxed until we sadly had to make our way home. I’m sure we could have spent another week or more there. Cornwall has so much to see and truly is a gorgeous part of the UK.

Looking out over St Ives

Once home, we realised just how important it is to take a break, even if just for a few days. You have to actually leave home, remove yourself from your everyday environment and truly switch off. It was during this break that I did my digital detox, and as tempting as it was to update my social media and share my photos, once I got out of the habit it was truly liberating to be in the moment. The moment of relaxation. It was peaceful. Nourishing. And most importantly, it was kind.

We have since made a pact to catch ourselves before we get too burnt out in future and always find a way to take a break whether it is for a day or more. The importance of a true break is greater than it ever was before.


  1. Oh, i love Cornwall. It’s the place i spent all my holidays until very recently. And I love St Ives. We used to go on group holidays there when we were late teenagers and we were young and rawkus and had the best time. I went back with Jim a few years ago for the day mid sailing trip, it was a very different day out – way fewer shots! 😉

  2. Love Cornwall so much, spent most of my summers there as a teenager, to me its one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, thank you for sharing this wonderful post. I might have to plan a trip this summer.

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