The one where I went to see Kate Bush Live

Drinks at sunset by the Thames

Quite possibly one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. And I’ve been to a LOT of gigs.

It was March. It was still pretty chilly. And my Dad warned me that if I failed to get him Kate Bush tickets he’d disown me.

There’s a small chance he didn’t mean it. But there were no chances to take here. I HAD to buy these tickets.

So the alarm was set. The boyf pushed out of bed, and all the internet worthy devices in the house were switched on set up and arranged in a semi-circular fashion around me on my double bed as I prepared for 9.30am.

I made sure my Ticketmaster details were up to date and my debit card number was well and truly installed there.

By 9.20am I started to hit the refresh button. Continously. Furiously. Desperately.

At 9.30am on the dot I hit refresh like a madman.

I was in!

Go, go, go!

I picked a mid-week date, at least two weeks into the tour, selected the cheapest seats, hit buy, hit confirm.

kate bush ticket confirmation

By 9.32am I received this confirmation in my inbox.

I did it! I got tickets to see Kate Bush do her first live show in 35 years.

We were off to see a living legend. And hopefully I might have sealed my fate as favourite child (one can only hope).

spoiling the view

On Wednesday the Daddio and I hotfooted our way down to London to meet my Auntie and her friend in Hammersmith. We were giddy with excitement.

My Daddio has been a fan of Kate Bush from day 1, being a teenager when she first performed live and sadly not having the funds to see her.

I, in turn, was brought up listening to Kate Bush. Always captivated by her strange and beguiling voice, intriguing lyrics and songs that moved me.

As a infamous recluse, Kate Bush seemed unlikely to ever perform live again. We were besides ourselves with anticipation. After 5 months of waiting between buying the tickets and Wednesday night, it was almost unreal.

To steady the nerves and avoid the queue we headed down to Riverside Studios (sadly closing down today to make way for trendy flats) just a short walk behind Hammersmith Apollo. There we met my Auntie Ali and her friend Patrick for a few large glasses of red wine and a quick bite to eat. There was a stunning view from the terrace outside, and we enjoyed a gentle sunset as we drank and ate and chatted.

with Dad and Ali

Around half 7 we hotfooted it up to the Apollo moved quickly through the queue, pulled some exited faces (see below), marched through the doors and legged it up the stairs just in time to find a great spot in the circle to watch the show (we had general admission standing tickets – something I didn’t realise when booking – but it meant we could stand on the stairs on the side of the circle and got a perfect uninterrupted view).

so excited to see Kate Bush

Kate Bush respectfully requested that the audience didn’t hold up phones and taken pictures throughout the show as she wanted to everyone to enjoy the moment. And I was surprised yet pleased to see that everyone respected this.

The show was incredible. Kate Bush was phenomenal. And her voice sounds better than ever.

It’s a pretty special show so I won’t go into details so as not to spoil it for anyone yet to see it. But I am pleased to say that Kate Bush is still slightly bonkers, totally creative, enthralling and fascinating.

I have never seen my Dad smile as wide and as hard as he did. He even did a little jump on the spot a few times. He was so freaking happy!

Kate Bush was awesome. In the truest sense of the word.

Kate Bush Hammersmith 2014

I took one small sneaky photo during the show (and one not revealing any of the surprises), covering up the screen so as not to disturb anyone, so I had a keepsake. I didn’t have time to buy a programme as the show ran late with a technical issue and we had to run for our train.

The final song had me in tears. I full-on blubbed at the end as I was completely overwhelmed by just how privileged I was to be there in the presence of such an extraordinary talent.

Also, I’m incredibly sensitive. But that’s by the by.

I went to see Kate Bush live and she blew my socks off. One of the best memories of my life.