The Proposal and Engagement Story

He told me to block out two days in my diary for Diwali. We were going to celebrate. It was 11/11. Remembrance Day. It was a New Moon. It was a beautiful Autumn day. All things that mattered to us.

I woke up and switched on the fairy lights draped around the headboard of our bed. Raj had gone to make coffee. As Diwali morning I thought we should have light all around as we woke up ready for the celebrations of the day.

Raj came into the room with a tray of breakfast and coffee. He brought a camera filming as he did so, which wasn’t much of a surprise given that we often vlog special occasions and outings.

On the tray there was an envelope with my name on. He pulled up a chair next to the bed as I opened it and began to read the poem he wrote for me. He sat in silence and watched as I giggled at the rhymes and stories of our relationship together.

I still had no idea what was to come.

At the end of the poem was a small covered section of text. Underneath was the proposal. At that moment Raj got down on his knees and present me with a ring.

I cannot begin to describe the shock and surprise. Stunned, I was totally stunned.

He joked that we always say how everything is better with bacon which made me laugh!

He asked me to marry him and I said yes!

I then proceeded to cry intermittently for the next few hours and was pretty speechless.

Around 4 hours later I was able to ring my parents and tell them the good news.

Raj wanted to propose at the beginning of the two days so we could spend the rest of the time celebrating our engagement, it was perfect!

grand central

We started at Grand Central in Birmingham, picking up our favourite sushi from Wasabi and jumping on a Virgin Train to London.

at the hotel

There Raj took me to our hotel, the Megaro, a rather trendy hotel opposite Kings Cross and St Pancras. We were given a stunning room with a view. The hotel itself is super funky and full of contemporary design features.

champagne by the window

The staff kindly treated us to a bottle of champagne and we spent a couple of hours enjoying the bubbly whilst making phone calls.

In the evening we went for the next surprise, to see Jamie Woon in his first comeback gig in 4 years. He’s one of our favourite artists and truly brilliant. The staff at the Scala were equally wonderful taking care of us and putting us in a VIP area, helping us up the stairs, which with Raj’s knee injury was slightly tricky, and they treated us to a drink.

at jamie woon

We left the gig on a high. Music is really important to the both of us and live music is such an uplifting experience.

The following day we were up at the break of dawn to make our way across the road to St. Pancras to catch the Eurostar to Paris for the day. The hotel gave us some croissants for the road and we grabbed a coffee before boarding. We were really suffering from such little sleep but were determined to make the most of every minute of the experience.


The train manager on the Eurostar and heard of our engagement and surprised us with a half bottle of champagne. How lovely was that? We got to enjoy a champagne breakfast as the train sped through the French countryside. We arrived in Paris mid-morning and immediately jumped on a double-decker underground train into the city.

eiffel tower rosaliliumpark by the eiffel tower

It was a bright, mild autumn day. Paris was golden with sunshine and the turning leaves on the trees. We spotted the Eiffel Tower and made our way to the gardens. We had somehow found a really quiet spot just to one side. There were hardly any tourists around so we spent our time sat on the bench, staring up in awe at the magnificent structure and soaked up the Parisian atmosphere.

We did eventually make our way around to the bottom of the tower and it was as touristy as you’d expect so we decided against a trip up and opted for one of our favourite things to do in Paris – drinking the best hot chocolate.

hot chocolate and macarons

We took an Uber (get £15 off your first ride with the code ‘rosalilium’), so convenient and easy to use given we weren’t able to walk very far. We went straight to Angelina cafe and drank deliciously decadent hot chocolate.

Bellies full of sugar we walked across the road to Tuileries Garden, the large park opposite, to visit our favourite spot in Paris.

Three years previously we stumbled across this carousel on a wintery evening and there with Angelina hot chocolate and macarons in hand we had a really magical moment. It’s hard to describe but there’s something about this spot at the carousel that just feels so us.

It felt only right to head back to this special spot to celebrate our engagement. With camera in hand we played around taking photos to capture the moment and then simply sat on the bench just enjoying the peace we felt around us.

carousel in paris

At that moment I became aware of someone behind us. I didn’t look straight away but I could hear a camera clicking. I said to Raj  “I think someone’s taking our photo.” We looked around there saw a woman with camera in hand. Raj called her over and asked if she spoke English. Luckily for us she did! We asked if she taking our photo and if so would she mind sending it to us as we’d just got engaged and would love a copy of that moment. She agreed and introduced herself as Tiffany, we chatted for a bit and we swapped details.

carousel engagement

About 5 minutes later Tiffany came back and said she was on her lunch break and wanted to practice her photography so would we want to do a quick photoshoot with her.

Can you believe it?!

There we are in the middle of Paris, celebrating our love, and we get to do an engagement photoshoot completely unplanned and with a total stranger.

But you know when something just works? Look how incredible these photographs are. Tiffany totally managed to capture the moment for us. It was truly magical.

Just 10 minutes or so and we have records of these memories for life. We are so lucky and grateful to have met Tiffany in that fateful moment.

engagement photo happinesslove youtogether

Eventually we said our goodbyes to Tiffany before Raj and I slowly made our way through the park to the Lourve.

We did intend to visit the gallery but we decided it was far too busy and large to get around at that moment. We still hadn’t eaten anything beyond sugary goodness so we opted to get another Uber up to the Gare du Nord area where we grabbed a delicious baguette at a cafe.

Those French folks sure do make a good baguette. They taste like nothing else. So good.

Bellies full we wandered over to the train station and were invited to visit the Business Premier lounge. It was a free open bar with magazines to read and snacks aplenty. We enjoyed a nice glass of wine over saucisson and crackers before boarding our train home.

By then we were shattered so we napped as much as we could before arriving home in London.

There Raj led me on a random walk around St Pancras until we reached a stunning bar and restaurant within the old St. Pancras hotel, The Gilbert Scott. I felt completely underdressed for such a swanky looking establishment. But needless to say we had a wonderful meal, great service and finished our engagement with macarons.

wine at gilbert scottring and candle

It was incredibly romantic.

Bellies and hearts full we finally boarded the train home to Birmingham feeling loved up and walking on air.

I am the luckiest girl to have such a wonderful man at my side. We are both super excited for the adventure of our lives together.

Here is our proposal and engagement story in a short video:

Thank you for all the kind wishes and congratulations.


{The day after our engagement celebration in Paris we watched in horror as this beloved city was brutally attacked. Our hearts full of love became full of sadness. So we kept our news quiet for a little bit out of respect. Thankfully our photographer was ok, but like she said, this (above) is what Paris is about. Paris is about love and romance. We won’t let hate define us, we chose love. In memory of all those who were lost in those attacks. You will always be with us.x.}