The Year That Was … 2013

PHEW! 2013 was a mental year. Now, I’m not one to wish away time. I like to make the most of every single moment. But… I am really glad that this year is now over. It was pretty awful at times. Yeah, nobody wants to read a negative blog post. And this isn’t a moany one at all. I just need to say a huge super-massive thank you to all my blog readers for being the most supportive, encouraging and brilliant readers any blogger could hope for. I have had some pretty dark and awful times this year and my bloggy-shaped friends have been fundamental in helping me through some of that. *cue virtual hugs*

Thank you. Seriously. You pulled me through and I’ll be forever grateful.

So now, let’s focus on the positive and take a look at some of the best bits of 2013. Because by remembering all the good bits I can move on from the crappy bits.

Here I Am in Paris

At the beginning of January I celebrated my 30th birthday by being whisked off to Paris. The boyf and I spent three beautiful days exploring one of the most stunning cities in the world. It was cold, crisp and amazing.

At the end of January I had another birthday celebration in London with some of my friends. We holed ourselves up in a pub in North London and drank copious amounts of white wine and champagne and somehow facepaints were involved. It was rad.

Vevey Switzerland

In March my bestie flew me out to Switzerland to visit her in Lausanne. I spent a few days there watching crazy ice sports, exploring vineyards, staring at mountains and generally nattering with my friend.

After Living Room Makeover

In April I moved into a little apartment in the centre of my beloved Birmingham. I enjoyed spending my days wandering around discovering what an underrated and awesome city Birmingham is. I loved it there.

milkshakes in Birmingham

In May the boyf and I celebrated our anniversary together with a weekend of exploring Birmingham, eating yummy food and going to a Muse gig.

Blognix Folk

June was Blognix time! My first ever blogging event. It was part conference, part worksop, part picnic. It was a crazy idea which turned into a great success. Everyone who came along loved it which totally made all the hard work worth it. It was a nutty thing to organise by myself but it’s been the start of a great new journey.

Lamb Burgers on the Camping Stove

In July the boyf and I managed to get away for a few days to go camping in a random field. It was typically British – rained most of the time and the campsite was a bit pants. But getting some fresh air for a few days was great!


Also in July my little sister came to stay with me for a few days. We had some super-fun girly time and went to visit my bro in Hereford.


We started August with a family barbecue and then it ended with one of my old friends from work getting married.

At sunset

At the end of September the boyf and I were lucky enough to be offered a villa to stay at in Spain. So we got our first ever relaxing holiday abroad together. We spent a week sleeping, eating, sleeping some more, swimming, sunbathing, sleeping even more and filling our notebooks with ideas and inspiration for the future. We should have holidays more often.

Silly Faces

In November I won the West Midlands Women of the Year Lifestyle Blogger of the Year Award, which was rather nice.

Merry Christmas from me and the boyf

And then, of course, December was all about Christmas and festivities!

2013 was a rough ride but there were some lovely moments to savour too. I made some really great new friends this year that I am incredibly grateful for. And I have found the confidence and belief in my abilities.

I know that 2014 is going to be rad.

Happy New Year!