The Year That Was … 2014

2014, you have been challenging, exhausting, insane, incredible, interesting, and unexpected. There have been some top adventures, some terrible moments, lots of great food, lovely company but importantly it’s been the year where I finally believed in myself.

Let’s get the crappy bit over with first. I lost my beloved and adored cat, Bilbo. He really was the best cat in the world ever. I loved him so much and it still tears me up to think about him. But we planted a small houseplant on top of him in my Mum’s garden and he continued to flower that plant for a solid 6 months, even in winter. He keeps bringing smiles to us all.

Bilbo the cat

We had a few personal issues that I won’t go into but they have certainly challenged us both.

And of course, there was jumper-gate 2014 when my beloved grey hoodie was pilfered a few weeks ago in Thailand…. (I jest, I jest).

Overall, 2014 has been immense.

As is tradition on Rosalilium I am going to sum up some of my best bits, because celebrating the positive is where it’s at.


First off, I launched my Blogging Bootcamp e-courses. And I know I mention quite a bit, but you have no idea how much of heart and soul I poured into them. I did everything – designing websites, graphics, sourcing correct information, coaching, organising and more. It’s been a HUGE professional journey for me and was instrumental in finally making me believe in myself – a confidence I lost a while ago. Over 100 bloggers have taken the e-course at some point over the past year, and it’s been brilliant to see some of them make great changes and advances in their blogging.


My cousin Matthew came over from Australia and we spent a couple of days hanging out including an outing to London.

Breakfast at May Fair Hotel

We also spent an amazing luxury couple of days at The May Fair as part of a social experiment campaign. There we had possibly one of the breakfasts of MY LIFE! It was epic.

I also spent a whole day filming a series of collaborative Youtube videos with Emily – it was so much fun and helped seal my determination to work on my video skills over the year.


This month was relatively quiet ‘fun wise’ as I was working my socks off. But we did get spend time with family and we popped down to London for the Google City Experts event at the Museum of London. That was rad.


I fully embraced the spring with bike rides with the family.

I learned to like coffee.

Hanging out in Birmingham

I had a Birmingham outing with the lovely Emma and Emily. And even ended up with boyf tagging along. He tends to do that. Good job he’s rad and everyone loves him.


In April we started to learn yoga, which was awesome. I definitely need to get back into that.

With Google Local London

We also popped along to the London Coffee Festival which was one of my fave events of the year.


Anniversary Treat

In May we had TWO anniversary weekends – one was a sneaky surprise that I organised the week before.

The Wolseley

The second was organised by the boyf. First we went to Birmingham and the second in London. We both felt thoroughly spoilt.


Elizabeth Closing Remarks

Of course, most of June was a Blognix, marathon. It was an epic day and full of inspiring bloggers coming together to share, learn and inspire.


Barbecue on the beach in Newquay

We were fortunate to be offered a few days away in Newquay with one of our friends. It turned out to be perfect Summer weather and we had the best time chilling out on the beach with barbecue, laughs and picnics.


This month was all about blogging events. We went to both Summer in the City and Blogstock.

what I wore to Blogstock

We met loads more fellow digital folk who inspired us so much.


This was definitely my favourite month.

with Dad and Ali

I went to see Kate Bush who was as amazing as expected.

Speaking on the Pinterest Panel_Handmade Fair

I also spoke on a Pinterest panel at Hampton Court Palace.


And then we spent the best weekend with my Auntie in Henley-on-Thames.

And of course, let’s not forget the boyf’s birthday when we had a total family day of TGI Fridays, coffee time and then pub.

I also delivered loads of training to business professionals this month and whilst scary at first was totally rewarding.


This was a comparatively quiet month socially. We did a TON of work launching our new travel blog, Awesome Wave.

Pinterest Party

We went to a few events including a Dia los Muertos with Pinterest and a UE Boom launch at a trendy bike shop.



We spent an intense week at the World Travel Market, meeting interesting folk, learning, absorbing and networking our socks off. It was a fascinating experience which left us incredibly inspired.

Oh, and we spontaneously booked our tickets to Thailand.

street food time

And then we did that little thing of packing up our life into boxes, grabbing a backpack and boarding a flight to Southeast Asia. The highlight was definitely all the street food in Bangkok.


We covered Singapore, KL and Chiang Mai. The best moment was walking back to the exact spot where Raj and I met and fell for one another.

Christmas in Thailand

We spent Christmas Day being blessed by a Buddhist Monk at the temple on top of Doi Suthep.


Well, hasn’t that been quite the journey?!

I want to finish this post saying a massive thank you to everyone who has been there for myself and the boyf this year. You know who you are and we are forever grateful.


Happy New Year!

Let’s make 2015 the best year yet!


P.S. Special shout-outs – to Biggles the Cat for providing much needed love post-Bilbo, to Ben’s Chinese Takeaway for getting us through those exhausting moments, and to Daddio for providing us with a much needed home and respite.

  1. What an amazing year you’ve had. I hope 2015 is just as special. I’m loving the blogging course, all the effort you put into really shows. x

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