41 Things I Miss About The 90s

Sometimes you need a bit of nostalgia. I really was a child of the 90s. It was the decade of my formative years. As such, I figured that for the first day of Blog Every Day in November I would write a list of some of my favourite things of the 90s. Or at least some of those things that make me nostalgic.

1996 checked shirt

Things I Miss About The 90s

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  2. Britpop
  3. Drinking Hooch in my best friend’s bedroom
  4. Sugar and It’s Bliss magazines
  5. Top of the Pops on a Thursday night
  6. The Clothes Show
  7. The Crystal Maze
  8. Wishing you could go on kids tv so you too could get gunked
  9. Oasis and Blur slanging matches
  10. 90s does 60s fashion
  11. Helena Christensen
  12. Linda Evangelista not getting out of bed for less than 10 grand
  13. Robert Miles’ Children
  14. The X Files
  15. Flicking out our ‘Rachel’ layers with a hot brush
  16. Rimmel’s ‘Fudge Brownie’ and ‘Heather Shimmer’ lipsticks
  17. Wishing we could go to a rave before they became illegal
  18. Feeling melancholy to ‘OK Computer’
  19. Wearing platform trainers
  20. Global Hypercolour t-shirts
  21. Madonna’s new hairstyle of the week
  22. Blossom
  23. Singing along to the Cadbury’s Roses ‘Thank you very much’ advert
  24. Centre partings and undercuts
  25. Getting a new Radio Times and highlighting all the television programmes you wanted to watch that week
  26. Recording the Top40 onto cassettes
  27. Making mixtapes for your best friends and boys you fancied
  28. Discovering Encarta
  29. Wearing trousers so baggy we fell over them
  30. Crop tops and chokers
  31. Genuinely thinking we would win the National Lottery
  32. Happy Shopper
  33. Quasar
  34. Getting a 10p mix-up from the local newsagents
  35. Saturday afternoons going to Blockbusters to choose a video
  36. Gameboys
  37. Trolls
  38. Reading The Babysitter’s Club
  39. Sonic The Hedgehog
  40. My yin yang necklace
  41. The dial-up sound

Again not wearing uniform 1994

Were you a child of the nineties? What do you miss about that decade?

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A Letter To 13 year-old me






    Also, I will forever miss tapes, and recording the top 40 radio show with my fingers on the pause and record buttons to hit before the dj spoke. It makes me a bit sad that my little boy won’t experience that.

  2. Bwahaha, I could have written this post! The 90s for me? Mixtapes, plaid, Buffy & Dawsons Creek, Smash Hits (and the Poll Winners Party), teenage drinking. Good, good times.

  3. Ah the 90s. For me it was boots and a line skirts with baggy jumpers, or combat trousers. I had amazing yellow sunglasses, listened to a lot of music and went to a lot of gigs (Ash, Kenickie, Mogwai to name a few) and got very into eyeliner. My favourite shows were obviously Buffy and Blossom. I loved hats and wedges and tops with mandarin collars, felt massively grown up in my platform sandals and basically was a big silly. I liked being a big silly.

    I quite like now too though!

  4. Oh my god, this post! You’ve brought back memories I didn’t even realise I’d forgotten. I definitely wore Rimmel Heather Shimmer lipstick with baggy combats and platform trainers like I was the fifth member of All Saints!

  5. I love this, I was teen in the 90s so had just discovered grunge music and was well on my way to be a riot grrl (or so I thought) but Buffy and Blossom because they were total kick ass role models! I wasn’t allowed to get an undercut though which was annoying!

  6. Oh The Crystal Maze and Sonic were my favs!
    I discovered Happy Shopper in my local BHS the other day – they just opened a food hall bit and it’s all Happy Shopper stuff, including those cups of cola drink you could buy frozen!

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