Things I Would Like To Do Now I’ve Quit Social Media

This list is as much for me as it is for you. 

You see, I’ve started jotting ideas down all over the place – post-it notes, notebooks, scratch pads, phone notes, evernote… they’re everywhere! I have ideas coming out my ears now that I’ve freed myself from endless hours of scrolling through social media.

And so, it makes sense to put all my ideas into one place (maybe I’ll make this a rolling list and keep adding to it?) for the sake of ease and possible accountability. 

I’ve often found that when I say something out loud, or share it with another person, it helps reinforce the idea in my mind. 

I also thought that if I share this list, you might be interested to see what I might be doing with time now. I did mention in my previous post about deleting my social media that I still intend to create and share. It’s not that I am against all things digital, rather, I would like to restrict all the noise and input into my mind so that I can have room to think and create on my own terms without outside influence. For now, at least. 

How does it feel to quit social media?

I am starting to make notes about how I am feeling as it has surprised me how I have reacted to deleting social media and it might make for a good read at some point. 

I will say that it is immediately noticeable how much more time I have, how much I can occupy myself with other tasks, and how often I go to reach for my phone. 

It’s all rather discombobulating at the moment. So I am keen to see how I settle into a new way of being without constantly checking my phone and social media.

Things I Would Like To Do Now I’ve Quit Social Media



This is the first time in ages where I’ve just sat down at my computer and written a post with no real point, use, or plan to it. And it’s invigorating! I can write ‘for me’ which is much more of a hobby-based pursuit than a business one, and I feel pretty darn good about it. 

I’d really like to blog again for the following reasons: 

1. to record my life

2. to share with others interested in what I’m up to

3. to express my thoughts and feelings in the written word



I have a ginormous pile of books gathering dust all over my house – they’re in the office, by my bed, in the living room… and let’s not even think about the books in storage. 

I love reading. I have always loved reading. But ever since the dawn of social media, I shifted my reading activity to the screen. It’s short, snappy, and over time not that fulfilling. 

I want to get back to the printed page and absorb myself in books again, both fiction and non-fiction.


Make videos!

I shot so much footage when I went to Thailand in September 2017 and I had so many ideas for videos to make from it all. But I got so bogged down with the pressure of it all that I didn’t make anything beyond this short 2 minute trailer style video

I genuinely love making videos. I love shooting, I love editing, I love matching music to clips, I love all of it. I need to get back to making videos, whether I am happy with them or not. I will only improve if I keep practicing. 


Swimming and yoga!

I’m currently working on my mindset around exercise. I need to move away from the association of needing to exercise for weight loss, and more to it being to make me feel good.

I always feel great after swimming or yoga, and I’d like to prioritise time to do both those activities again.

Plus, I pay so much money in gym membership fees, I need to go use it. 

Bagan Sunset Elizabeth Dhokia-1


Photography is probably one of my oldest hobbies. I want to get back to taking photographs because they look pretty, or they tell a story, or they capture a moment. 

I’m also keen to learn more about Lightroom as an editing tool because there are some really exciting and creative things you can do with that program.

Dreaming Big


I just need to go get myself lost sometimes. 

I’ve always been a wanderer. From a young age I’d go off for walks and get lost in the woods or something. I think it will help me think and create more if I left my home office and computer to just be outside. 

I’m really tempted to go walkabout. And in fact, Raj suggested I go and do that too. I am so lucky to have a husband who is happy to stay home and look after the cats and work so I can go travel and find myself again.

I have a few ideas swimming around my head and the world really is my oyster. But my instinct keeps telling me to explore closer to home, to understand the land that I live on. We’ll see….

New podcast


I know, I know, I’ve been saying that I’m launching a podcast for 2 or 3 years now. When I imagine it I get super excited about it. I become more animated and passionate about the topic. I’ve already recorded 4 interviews and they were great! If I can just get my confidence into a good place to put it out there, I think my podcast would resonate so much with a lot of people I know. 

Digging Away


Finally, I want to get back into volunteering. One of my key values has always been to help others, and I have a history of volunteering, campaigning and fundraising. I think I’ve just avoided it more recently because I never felt completely settled and didn’t want to commit to people if I couldn’t keep it up.

However, I know how important volunteering is for society as a whole, and if I’m in a position to help others than I must do that. 


Right, well, I think that’s enough to keep me busy for a while. I’ll keep you update with how I get on. If I stay of social media then the only updates going out will be on my mailing list so you can pop your email on that if you’re interested.

Otherwise I’ll probably be creating and sharing here on the blog and my youtube channel.


This list is by no means exhaustive, and it’s very generalised compared to my other lists and post-it notes! But you get the idea…