Embrace the Season: 20 Things to Do This Autumn

20 Things To Do This Autumn

Red, orange and yellow… marshmallows, crispy leaves, and fresh air… hot chocolate, baking and knitwear. These are all symbolic of Autumn for me. My favourite season of the year.

Now, I’ll be totally honest. This year I’m struggling a bit with the coming of the season. Usually, I’d be excited, almost giddy, that Autumn is now upon us. September is my favourite month and as today is the 1st I should be feeling joyous.

But instead I’m feeling a little forlorn.

As much as I love Autumn, I cannot stand being cold. I’m a contradiction like that. This year I just didn’t feel like I had enough warmth. I’m sure the Summer was the same as every year, but I just didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I’d hoped. And now it has passed already and I’m filled with dread that Winter is heading our way and I have months of being cold ahead of me.

So I could get all mopey and miserable, or…. I could write a positive list to get me in the zone. I need my brain to embrace the Autumn season ahead.

Here are 20 Things to Do this Autumn:

1. Bake a sweet pie 

I’m thinking going all-American with a Pumpkin Pie?

2. Bake a savoury pie

I’d like to try something new but will probably bake this Chicken, Bacon and Spinach Pie again

3. Buy a new scarf

I am a little obsessed with collecting scarfs so I know that treating myself to a new one will totally get me in the mood for Autumn. This red cable knit scarf is top of my wishlist.

Blackberry Vodka

4. Foraging

Autumn is my favourite time for foraging. I’m definitely going to forage blackberries to make this Blackberry Vodka again. And I’m keen to try Rosehip Syrup this year.

5. Indoor Picnic

It’s been so long since we had an indoor picnic. So I’m thinking candles, blankets and loads of picky food.

6. Make a Shooters Sandwich

This has been on my recipe to do list for yonks. Obviously as non-beef eaters I will be making an adapted version for the boyf and I.

7. Walk in the Woods

Autumn is the best time to enjoy the local woods and forests. The colours are incredible and I just love the feel of crispy leaves under my feet as I walk.

8. Chai time

Nothing like getting into the Autumn spirit than cooking up a huge pan of Chai. I also need to make up some more Chai Syrup for quickie chai time.

Happy Diwali and candles

9. Plan a Diwali Feast

We celebrate Diwali in Autumn so I want to plan a huge vegetarian Indian feast. This will definitely include Kidney Bean Curry and Masala Dosa.

10. Make Sloe Gin

Foraging is rad. It’s even more rad when you get to enjoy the efforts months later with delicious things like Sloe Gin.

11. New Notebook

Nothing like fulfilling that back to school feeling with some fresh new stationery. I am a big fan of notebooks and have my eye on this little map-inspired beauty.

12. Learning

No matter how old I get I still feel like I should be learning something new in September. So I plan on taking a new course. Probably an e-course as they are my favourite thing at the moment.

13. Sunset Photography

When the leaves turn and it hits the golden hour (just before the sun goes into sunset mode) photographs are just guaranteed to turn out awesome.

14. Campfire 

We have a fire dish at home that my blacksmith brother made years ago. I want to spend an evening outside with a fire, wrapped up in loads of layers and possibly toasting marshmallows.

15. Make a Autumn Leaf Garland

Like the one I made here.

munchkin pumpkins

16. Make Pumpkin/Squash EVERYTHING

I freaking love pumpkin and butternut squash in my food. Last year’s Pumpkin Risotto went down a treat. And Butternut Squash Soup makes every day a better day.

17. Host an Autumn party

The Americans have Thanksgiving, and Halloween is all about the fancy dress. Bonfire Night is edging onto political. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a party just to celebrate the awesomeness of Autumn? I’d like to host an Awesome Autumn party where we wear thick jumpers, drink spiced cider, eat hot chilli con carne (tastes great with pork you know), toast marshmallows and stand around a roaring campfire.

18. Bake Apple Crumble for the boyf

Because it’s his favourite.

19. Wear a poncho

Because poncho’s are Autumn-wear in my mind. I love this one from River Island as a fun option (I guess it’s more cape than poncho) and this one from Jigsaw for being ultra chic.

20. Have a board game day

We love board games. My favourite is Trivial Pursuit, the boyf loves Cluedo.

Phew! That’s quite a list. And you know what? It worked! I’m totally excited for Autumn now. 

So the question is, what would be on YOUR list?