Three Years

Last weekend we celebrated three years together and we treated ourselves to a few days of fun, love and lovely times. We started off the celebration with a trip to Coventry on the previous Wednesday night to see the mighty Muse in concert. They are an incredible live band and it was a truly epic piece of entertainment. It was a little chilly in the stands at the Ricoh stadium but when the insanely large pyrotechnics went off it actually warmed us up. They were that big!

Muse at Ricoh Stadium

Boom! It was a phenomenal gig. I loved every minute of it. And they even played my favourite song, Unintended, from the first album, which was totally unexpected.

Brunch at JuJus

Our actual anniversary was on the Saturday and it was a glorious sunny day. So we decided to make the most of Birmingham and went for a wander. We started off with brunch at Juju’s cafe, we filled ourselves up on lots of food ready for our day of mooching about the city.

Handsome Man

He’s so handsome! I am a very lucky girl indeed.

Breakfast Hash at Jujus

He chose the Breakfast Hash, it was rather impressive served up in a frying pan. And very filling.

English Breakfast at Jujus

I couldn’t resist the Full English Breakfast, it was delicious. And the best hash browns I have had in ages!

Jazz at the ICC

We stopped by the ICC/Symphony Hall to watch a free jazz gig in the Symphony Bar. It’s great how much awesome free stuff you can enjoy in Birmingham. There are regular free gigs here along with the bigger performances. I love it here!

milkshakes in Birmingham

We had eaten too much at brunch to even consider lunch but we did go for a wander around the Selfridges Food Hall and bought some french macaroons and milkshakes. We sat on the steps in the middle of the Bullring facing St Martin’s Church. We supped up the sunshine while we enjoyed our sugary break.

What is your favourite city

We popped into the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to check out the Metropolis exhibition. It was a relatively petite exhibition but some great works there to enjoy. Perfect for a quick art fix.

Metropolis Birmingham Museum

My favourite pieces were all photographic art. This is just sneaky snap of some very striking photographs from India. There exhibition dealt with city lives all over the world. As a bit of a city girl and a traveller I really enjoyed the interpretations and stories on show.

After all that wandering we decided to forego the fancy meal out and instead ordered in an Indian takeaway and watched a film   while curled up on the sofa. It was a perfectly chilled ending to a really lovely anniversary day. I was clearly enjoying it so much I forgot to take any photos!

Woktastic Birmingham

The next day we continued to have a lazy weekend and wandered over to Woktastic to make use of their lunch deal on the all-you-can-eat sushi. It was brilliant value for money and perfect for a lazy Sunday. I filled myself up on their amazing prawn tempura and noodle soup. We spent a couple of hours talking about the future and our hopes and dreams. We have lots of ideas on where we want to go! Following the sushi-fest we went home for an unplanned nap Рrice does that right? There is such a thing as a rice coma, or is that just me?

Toasting Marshmallows

When we finally woke up we popped over to see Emily for an impromptu barbeque. We got the marshmallows out and gathered around the fire pit making the most of the glorious summery weather. I had forgotten how much I love to eat al fresco. Here’s hoping there is more al fresco weather for this season!

And that was our mini celebration of three years together. It has been quite the adventure, full of ups and downs and shaking it all around. We really do live a full life together and I love it. Every day I am incredibly grateful for having the boyf in my life. So here’s to the next three years!



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  1. Wow! That looks and sounds like a great way to celebrate!
    Congratulations on three years together.
    It’s good to read an ‘insiders’ choice of venues to enjoy; always ready to find new places to go! I love the Museum, they have some amazing pieces there and when they do ArtsFest I love hearing the live classical music they have; small groups of musicians and choirs, set in amongst the exhibitions Fabulous AND free! Go Brum!
    Z xx

  2. It definately looks like you had an amazing anniversary celebration!

    And you saw Muse! I love Muse! They put on the most spectacular concerts – I saw them at Glastonbury back in 2010 and the place just seemed electric with the atmosphere, the lighting, the stage effects and and their excellent music. I must try and get back to see them again soon! x

  3. Happy Anniversary! And many more! A great way to celebrate, and stretch it out, thank goodness for the bank holiday! I don’t know Birmingham well, but my favourite city has to be the one I have lived in for 25 years, London. But I have a soft spot for Krakow, Prague, Winchester and Paris as well . . . .

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    I saw Muse in London last weekend; so amazing. Unintended was a lovely surprise, wasn’t it?

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