10 Tips for Foraging

Foraging is such a fun activity. It’s a great way to get outside and hang out with nature especially in the autumn when the leaves are turning and there is a fresh crispness to the air. I like foraging for blackberries, sloes and rosehips – you can check out my list for ideas on what to pick this season.

I have been foraging for a few years now and along the way I have learned a few tips that make for a better foraging experience for myself and others. If you are new to the foraging game do read on and enjoy some foraging fun this season!


10 Tips For Foraging

1. Only forage on public land or land you have permission to (no sneaking into other people’s gardens!)

2. Canals and country roads are great places to forage – it’s all about the hedgerow!

3. Avoid foraging near major roads – yucky pollutants are not great for your insides.

4. Cover up your arms and legs, those bushes can get prickly.

5. Don’t over-pick – leave some for animals and birds that rely on nuts and berries for survival.

6. Leave some for other foragers – it’s only polite!

7. Take small tupperware containers or buckets for picking. Keep some in the car for when you’re out and about and spot a lovely crop of berries etc.

8. Wash all fruit before eating, ideally wash and allow to air dry. This gives any insects a change to escape.

9. Ensure any insects that might be hiding in your foraged goods have left. Washing and shaking helps.

10. Most importantly, only eat foods that you are 100% sure of what they are (especially mushrooms!) – double and triple check if you are unsure.

Please take care when foraging, look after your health, exercise caution and think about other animals before picking the brambles dry. It’s one world and we all have space to live in it.

Happy Foraging!


If you have any brilliant foraging tips please pop them in the comments section below. Some of the best conversations happen there!


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  1. I foraged my first blackberries this year – there’s something amazing about using up natures bounty. I’m a bit nervous of foraging anything else though – I don’t trust my plant identification skills enough!

  2. The City of London Corporation by-laws forbid picking mushrooms in Epping Forest.

    Heavy penalties for miscreants!

  3. I – Identify Make sure it’s the right plant

    T – Time of Year Is it the appropriate stage for the time of the year

    E – Environment Plant is growing where it should be / pollutant free

    M – Method of Preparation Preparation to make plant edible

    If you follow these rules you will have nothing to worry about.

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