Top Tips From A Bobbi Brown Make-Up Artist

Bobbi Brown Make Up Artist Tips

A few weeks ago, actually might have been a tad longer, I was invited to the Bobbi Brown make-up demonstration at House of Fraser as part of the Style Birmingham events.

Now, I am going to admit straight off the bat that I am a total newbie when it comes to Bobbi Brown as a brand. I am familiar with what they do but just never got around to trying their products.

Hence, when the invitation popped into my inbox I was intrigued to find out more about them.

The demonstration itself was presented by the two top make-up artists for Bobbi Brown – wahoo! I learned so much in just half an hour that I was tapping as fast as I could into my notes app so I didn’t forget anything.

They imparted so much fascinating make-up knowledge that I thought you might be interested to hear about it too.

Bobbi Brown Greige Collection

Top Tips From Bobbi Brown Make-Up Artist

Use the correct concealer

Ideally you should have different toned concealers for different uses on your face. They recommend that for under the eyes a rose-tone concealer works better as it counteracts the blue in dark circles.

Use clean fingers to apply foundation

If you have particular dry skin, and many of us do in the winter, it can work well to press foundation into your skin with clean fingers rather than dragging over with a brush or sponge.

Be sparing with foundation

Only use your foundation where you need it. You don’t always need a full face coverage, just press it into the areas that need some coverage. If you feel to naked use a tinter moisturiser first then use the foundation on the places that need it.

Choose bronzer wisely

Try to find a bronzer in a similar tone to your skin and build up the colour slowly. If your bronzer looks to obvious it might be because the tone is clashing with your natural skintone.

More than one blush

Use to tones of blush to prevent a stripe along your cheekbones. Blend the two blushers in and work towards the hairline a little.

Eyebrow highlighting

Choose a matte colour for under the eyebrow highlighting for a more flattering look.

Apply eyeshadow with fingers

With a blendable and natural look apply the sparkle eyeshadow (in the palette I’ll mention in a minute) with clean fingers, pressing into the eyelid.

Sparkle for mature skin

In contrast to popular belief, sparkle eyeshadow is actually very flattering on mature skin.

Purple for green eyes!

If you have green/hazel eyes like myself then a plum eyeliner can work wonders to enhance your natural eye colour. Blue works well for brown eyes and vice versa.

Using powder eyeliner

When using the powder eyeliner press the colour into the eye rather than drag or sweep it along. Just press and move, press and move.

Greige Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Palettes

I received a couple of samples from the Bobbi Brown Griege collection, gorgeous chic natural colours that are super blendable.

The Greige Eye Palette contains 8 beige and grey toned eyeshadows with both matter and metallic finishes. This will pretty much be my go-to for the next 3 months. The colours are so wearable for both night and day. The packaging of this palette is lovely with a hard-back casing and large mirror inside. It’s priced at £52 and I think you will get so much wear out of it that it’s fantastic value.

The Intense Pigment Eye Liner comes in three different tones – black plum, midnight, and forest, so pick the one that tones with your eye colour. They are a pressed power eyeliner with high pigment of colour and designed to be applied with a thin eyeshadow brush. They work well as both an eyeliner function for a defined look or you can smudge them in for a more smoky effect. Retails at £26.50.

The demonstration really sold me on Bobbi Brown products and the ethos of the brand. The counters offer make-up lessons, in-depth guidance, and have a great range of colours to suit women of a wide range of backgrounds.



  1. I love these tips. As you said in your post I am also a newbie to Bobbi Brown. I have heard of them and seen products but never used them. I will note down the concealer tip. I will admit I don’t even own any concealer so I need to buy a few in different tones. Thanks for the tips.

    Jenna von x

  2. I LOVE Bobbi Brown products and the ladies at the counters are always so helpful. I have always been on edge with using blushers but have found a perfect one with brush to boot – just awesome 🙂 – sounds like it was a great session to listen to and that palette is gorgeous 🙂 xx

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