Totally Rad Valentine’s Day Cards

I know it is still a month away and some of us are still trying to recover from the festive season but I do need something to look forward to. Good ol’ Valentine’s Day tends to divide opinion. However I am all for celebrating love. I mean, I celebrate it every day of the year but any excuse to send a card to the love of my life!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day cards I look for something a bit more quirky and interesting than your average Clinton’s card. These are a selection of my favourite’s this year.

youre just my type card i think youre ace card

I Love You More Than Mixtapes // You’re Just My Type // I Think You’re Ace

favourite blanket stealerFavourite Blanket Stealer

all you need is love papercutAll You Need is Love (ok, not exactly a card, but it’s paper and super-cute)

you're neat cardYou’re Neat

perfect together card

Personalised Perfect Together

i love your face card


I Love Your Face


Speaking of romance, I promise to blog about my trip to Paris real soon. I have just moved out of the Northampton house and my life is totally hectic. Normal service to resume shortly.