Trick or Treat Week: DIY Halloween Card

It is Trick or Treat Week on ROSALILIUM
and we have lots of awesome Guest Bloggers joining us.
Today Rachel from DinkyThinks is sharing her craft tutorial for making Halloween Cards


This post started out as a crafty item for Rosalilium and turned into a bit of a study of how working as a team can move something forward…. Or even how someone not rushing, hormonal and pregnant, can be more creative than one who is!


I had an idea for a Halloween card… something combining my love of card making,  with sewing which I also love.  I was inspired by Jack Skellington – having just watched Coraline, which was directed by the same man Henry Sellick and is deliciously dark.


halloween cards
Jack The Pumpkin Card for Halloween
For this you will need
• Black Card
• Orange Card or Paper
• 2 buttons
• thick white and black cotton
• A blunt large needle (for threading through the card)
• A sharp smaller needle (for making holes)
• Glue
• Foam squares


1. Fold your Black Card to the size of greeting card you would like.
2. Cut out a template of a pumpkin on the orange paper/card – a suitable size to fit on your folder black card.
3. Punch holes in the card in the shape of the mouth, then thread through the cotton using the blunt needle.
4. Attach the button eyes with either cotton or foam squares, depending on your preference.
5. Glue or foam square the pumpkin face onto your card.


My version just wasn’t quite right – When my fiancé decided to have a go … he improved the look of the card massively, by sewing the entire mouth (instead of drawing the smile) and substituting the black button eyes glued on with white button eyes sewed on.
I like to think he built on my genius and improved the card – a team effort of sorts… but really, he just thought things through a little more clearly.
Its simple and fun idea for Halloween though and I even tried a ghost and a skull… With the same concept of buttons and sewing cotton.
I then tried a folded version of the card in a pumpkin shape which was also very cute.


Thanks to Elizabeth for the chance to blog on here, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her blog.


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