Tron Legacy: Review

This morning I went to see Tron Legacy with the family and boyf. I have to admit they did bribe me with tea and bacon sarnies to drag me out of bed, but I am so pleased I went in the end. The film was fantastic, a really fun film!
I went with a completely open mind and no background knowledge to this film. Apparently there was a previous film made in the 80’s? And I haven’t read any reviews either. So I was thrilled to find a film with a 80’s mentality and 21st century CGI. The sophistication of the graphics was immense and allowed you to absorb yourself in the ‘grid’ world which I found to be totally believable despite the clearly basic 80’s design. However the main ‘wow’ factor was the effects used to make Jeff Bridges appear younger. It was uncanny.
The actors were nicely cast, Jeff Bridges is always a joy to watch – how cool is that guy? And it was great to see Olivia Wilde on the big screen, she is stunning. It worked well that the cast was kept small concentrating on leading the audience to sympathise with the three main characters and thus keeping the ‘bad guys’ as more anonymous, distant and aloof.
The pace was great, the scenes were crisp and each logically leading to the other. My bro and boyf mentioned that it was a shame not more detail was afforded to the Tron character himself, but I think that might have led to unnecessary tangents on an exciting action movie.
The soundtrack was incredible – completely scored and produced by Daft Punk, who themselves have a cameo role. They perfectly captured the 80’s electro synth vibe and I think this could be one of my favourite film soundtrack of all time, it really is brilliant.
It was great fun for all the family and I recommend you make a trip to see it in 3D at the cinema while you can. Enjoy!
  1. I just sent my partner off to see Tron on his own convinced that I would hate it… I'm a little ashamed now and wish I'd joined him after reading your review.

  2. cannot wait to see this! hoping to go with my mister before work starts again!

    Happy Christmas to you Elizabeth, and a hppy new year too!

  3. Clare B – I am sure he will want to go again?! It is worth it, for a couple of hours of visual fun. It is totally a cinema-film.

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