Turn Off The Telly! 10 Fun Things To Do Instead of Watching Television

I am not really one for watching a lot television. I would rather not own a television at all to be honest. I find that it is just too easy to get sucked into programmes just channel hopping all evening and before you know it five hours of your life has just disappeared. I find it deeply unsatisfying and a little sad to lose so much time. But if the telly is on I will watch it. I do have a couple of guilty pleasures (not mentioning NCIS:LA, Hawaii 5-0 or Mad Men, nope not me). Apparently the average British adult watched over 4 hours of television a day. Does anybody else find that shocking?!

In my opinion there is always something better to do than watch telly. You might disagree with me, but if you are a bit of a telly addict why not take a little inspiration from this list and reach for the off button on your remote control.

  1. play a board game (we bought this nostalgia edition of Cluedo recently)
  2. get your crafting on (I have list inspired by this book)
  3. talking. actual talking. the kind you did when you first met your other half
  4. turn on spotify radio and explore new songs you’ve never heard
  5. read a story or poem out loud
  6. make a folder of all the digital photos you’ve been meaning to get printed. get them printed. make a photo album.
  7. bake your favourite biscuits
  8. go for a walk, even if it is just around the block
  9. call a friend or relative – remember telephones and how we used to communicate on them in ways other than twitter?
  10. meditate – take some time to breathe and concentrate on your thoughts

Are you a telly-lover or do you prefer to spend your spare time and evenings doing other things?


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  1. I’m with you on this one. My telly watching has hugely declined due to my being busy and a bit stressed out a while back – lots of flashing images and noise were a deterrent after a long day… but then I’ve never really gone back to watching it regularly since. Most weekday evenings I’m working on crafts and blog stuff, writing, reading or catching up with friends, and nine times out of ten I reach bedtime without even having thought about switching on the tv, and I don’t miss it at all! I still watch the odd programme but will happily switch off as soon as it finishes. You’re right, there is so much more we can do with our time when we’re not staring at the tv! Now I must get off the laptop… x

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  3. We do watch telly still but have started doing it with intent, so only watching things we want to watch not just having stuff on. It means we talk more and it means I am more on top of the housework and so on, so it really does work. My energy levels are up too!

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