{Video} Chatuchak (Bangkok) Market Haul

Bangkok shopping haul

A few weeks ago, in Bangkok, we went on quite the shopping mission at the epic Chatuchak Market. They reckon it’s the largest market in the world. And I’m not one to argue. That place is humungous. Seriously, we’ve been there at least 3 times and still only managed to get around a fraction of the place.

For the most part we were shopping for gifts and souvenirs for our families. But along the way I did spot a few bits and bobs for myself.

Once I got home I realised I had picked up quite a few things … ooops!

And so, I decided to film a ‘shopping haul’ video. Because that’s what all the cool kids do these days. Plus, I know some of you are curious about what I’ve picked up.

I have the great pleasure of introducing my second edition of … ‘Shiz Wot I Bought, Innit’  aka. a haul video.


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