My Blogging Origin Story

Last weekend I hotfooted it down to London for the afternoon to attend the Blogosphere magazine afternoon tea party and it was there, whilst chatting to lots of awesome new bloggers, that I was asked several times about how I got into blogging and a bit about my journey.

So it got me thinking … I’ve been meaning to start a blog advice/tips/insights series on my YouTube channel for a while and what better way than to begin the series with the tale of how I got into blogging.

Without further ado or explanation, here is my blogging origin story. You can watch the video below or over on YouTube here.

If you’re a blogger, how did you get into blogging? I would love to hear your story.

  1. That was a really great video on your journey into blogging. I personally want to make the transition to video as I think it adds a personal feel that brings having an online presense to a whole different level.

    Congratulations on having worked so hard and for such a long time to become the success you have become today. You deserve it.

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