Vintage Camera Collection

I have been picking up vintage cameras on my thrifting adventures for a few years now. I have to try really hard to resist or I would have 4 times as many as I have and already I’m running out of space in my house. These are a few of my favourite vintage cameras that I have held on to. They are proudly displayed on the bookshelf in my lounge. The rest have since found a new home via Three Jelly Moulds and a Wardrobe (these included a Halina Super 8, another Coronet, an 80s Pentax and another Kodak Brownie).

vintage kodak cameraI have three Kodak cameras. One is the infamous Kodak Brownie camera that was once the most widely owned camera in the world. Kodak dominated the personal camera for decades and it’s cool to see three different types of camera they produced here. The middle camera is the Instamatic produced between 1977 and 1984. The camera on the right is the Kodak pocket Instamatic 100.

vintage coronet cameraThis Coronet camera is lovely. It’s the 4×4 range which is a wonderful shape and design.

vintage polaroid camera
My original Polaroid that I used as a child was lost along the way (that’s what happens when you move over 20 times in your life) but I have three lovely Polaroid cameras here. The Polaroid 1000 Land camera is my favourite simply for the design, I love the rainbow stripes down the front and the 1000 font is rad.

vintage ilford camera
The Ilford Sportsman camera is my favourite. I had originally bought it to sell in my shop, but I fell in love with it instead. It is a 1950s camera that comes with this fantastic fan-shaped detachable flash. It is such a stylish camera, and as soon as funds allow I will start trying it out with film. Fingers crossed that it might still work.

Most of these cameras are no longer used as they were originally intended. Instead I have changed their purpose to be one of the aesthetic pleasure. I don’t see why a practical object or tool cannot be a beautiful ornament too. I think beautiful practical ornaments are my favourite.