Today marks one whole week of vlogging on my brand spanking new channel RosaliliumExtra. I kind of kept it all quiet as I wasn’t entirely sure where I would go with this new project. But as it turns out, I am loving this vlogging malarky. And by having a specific channel for my vlogs, and knowing they will almost always be under 3 minutes long, I feel less pressure and more freedom to just hit record.

As you may know I’ve been dabbling with making youtube videos on my Rosaliliumtv channel for a little while. I’ve enjoyed it a lot and intend to get a bit more serious about video-making this year.

But I also really enjoy vlogging too. Much for the same reason I enjoy blogging … I enjoy sharing my daily life, thoughts and whatnot with my online friends. And as the Vlog Every Day in April project as come back around, I am using this as an excuse to get jiggy with my iphone and make a short vlog for a whole month.

Sooo… if you are interested in watching me ramble into my iphone camera often without makeup on and scraggly hair (because I keep forgetting to vlog and leave it until bedtime, oops!), then do pop on over to the RosaliliumExtra channel to watch the past week of videos. I promise, they’re not tooooooo bad. And my video from the London Coffee Festival was pretty fun.

Here’s a little taster video for you. I got together with Emma Cossey for a Google+ Hangout which I used for my Day 4 video.

Do subscribe and like and share and whatnot my two youtube channels – RosaliliumTV and RosaliliumExtra. That would be rad.