Walk to Work

Vlogging my Walk To Work

Did you know it’s Walk to Work week? Hoorah! Well I decided to share my walk to work this week with a little video. I was going to film this on Monday as that was the assigned topic for #BEDM but as the weather was rather inclement I decided to postpone until we got some sunshine. And it was full on sunny today.

So if you would like to see what my walk to work looks like do join me in this video. I am really enjoying making videos at the moment as you can see here.


I absolutely love walking. In fact, it’s one of the things I miss most about living in London and Birmingham actually. I just love walking everywhere in a city. Instead of getting a tube two stops I’d rather walk for 15-20 minutes. Plus I always found that making an effort to walk that little bit extra helped keep my fitness at an ok level. I guess that’s one of the benefits of not being able to drive, I don’t have the temptation of convenience.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on walking to work?

Is it feasible for you? Do you think you could incorporate more walking into your life?

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  1. It’s a 45 min drive for me – can’t even imagine how long it’d take to walk?!!!!

    Would like to walk more & with the weather improving there’s less of an excuse!

  2. I’m supposed to be working at the moment, as I’m on a tight deadline, but can I just tell you how brilliant it was to spend a few minutes watching your video? You are really good in front of the camera! It seems like you have a lovely walk to work, especially if the sun is shining. I’m going to be leaving Barcelona soon, and moving to Alfriston in East Sussex, and I know I’m going to miss just walking everywhere. I hate taking the Tube (which here in Barcelona is called metro), so I do try to walk as much as I can. That’s one of the few things i like about this city is that it’s very walkable. However, tourist season is well and truly here, and it’s not so nice to walk, as pavements are packed, people push you onto the road…really, i’m not exaggerating. I’m terribly pro-walking, it makes you fitter, it also makes you slow down a bit. I now work from home, so my walking is to yoga, or to walk my lovely dogs. Once I move to Alfriston a lot is going to change EEEKKKKK!!

  3. Lovely video! You’re definitely a natural in front of a camera…

    I’m huge fan of walking, both as a practical, cheap, healthy and environmentally friendly way of getting to places, and in a more adventurous form, in the hills, dales and moors of Yorkshire. There are so many benefits to physical and mental health – and at this time of year it’s just a joy to be outside!

  4. Love that video.
    It’s actually quicker for me to walk to work then get a bus (well, it is with my understanding of the bus timetables. If I worked it out it might not be!) But I love my walk to work, even in the rain, so I don’t think I’d change it – Although I’m thinking of changing to a bike when we move as it’ll add another 10-15 mins onto the walk!

  5. Walking to work is one of the things I miss in my current job (which, although it’s only 12 miles away, takes 45 minutes by car and 2 hours by bus). In my old job I worked in my local town and the town just down the road – my walk to work would take 15 minutes into the high street or 45 minutes down a beautiful old railway line turned cycle path. Nowdays I have to make do with the campus landscape around my office! 🙂 x

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