Want to hear my good news?

Mekong River

The boyf and I have made a very special announcement over on our joint blog, Awesome Wave.

Here’s the short version —>

Raj and I are leaving the country.


In 9 days time we will be boarding an Emirates flight for Bangkok where we intend to spend at least the next 4 months in Southeast Asia.


That’s the short version above.

Now for the full story head on over to Awesome Wave for the nitty gritty.


I just want to take this moment to say a huge thank you to all my brilliant Rosalilium readers for sticking by me whilst I went through this long crazy journey figuring out my next move. I will still be blogging over here on all things lifestyle-y whilst keeping all the travel stuff on Awesome Wave. PLUS, we’re going to be vlogging every day on our Youtube channel if you want to coming along for the ride.