Wedding Update – We’re Almost There!

Raj and Elizabeth

Phew! Wedding planning is intense, isn’t it?

I know I’ve heard other brides lament the fact the organising a wedding is a pretty all-consuming endeavour, but nothing really quite prepared for me for the intensity of it all.

You know those circus acts that can juggle 23 random household items all at once, each one a different shape and size, and not once do they ever drop them?

Yeah, well, that’s exactly what wedding planning looks like (further reading: 23 Things No-One Tells You About Wedding Planning).

You have to juggle ALL OF THE THINGS.

You drown yourself in to-do lists and spreadsheets. You spend half the time telling well-meaning loved ones that no, you are not going for the fuchsia. And your brain quite literally cannot squeeze anything more in it between centrepieces, RSVPs, dress fittings, and table plans.


All of this means that very soon I get to marry the love of my life, have a big party with our favourite people, and wear the prettiest dress I’ve ever worn.

This makes the wedding planning juggle all worth it.

I cannot wait to call Raj my husband!

I fully intend to share every detail with you here on the blog, as, after all, Rosalilium has been part of our life and relationship since the very beginning. I want to have a place to record every thought and feeling, idea and decision.

Of course, I don’t want to spoil the surprise for our guests so most of my wedding posts will be after the big day and throughout the summer. And I cannot wait to make all of my wedding Pinterest boards public, I have pinned so much awesomeness.

For now, though, I’d like to share with you where we are up to and some of the thought processes I’ve been through.

Getting engaged was amazing, but the assumptions you make beforehand suddenly come into question when you are making your wedding dreams a reality.

It’s been quite an interesting process to go through and I’d like to share some of that over the coming weeks.

carousel in paris

So where are we at?

We have pretty much everything planned and booked and organised for our wedding day. And we are very close to the big day itself.


We were super organised with getting our notices done at our local registry office. You have to do this at least 30 days prior to getting married but we did this back in March so we were prepared. It was actually a pretty straightforward process.

We filled out some forms at Birmingham Registry Office, made an appointment to come back for the interview and give formal notice. And on that morning we arrived, were questioned for about 5 minutes, signed some forms and we were done! We had our notices posted at Birmingham Registry Office for 28 days and after that, sorted.

giving notices
Our nervous smiles at Birmingham Registry Office

The funniest part is that in the interview we were suddenly bombarded with simple questions about our identity and for a split second I panicked, “what if I don’t know how old I am?!??!!! ARGH!”.


My dress is actually the first real purchase I made back in January. The store initially said it would take 5 months to arrive but it did, in fact, turn up in March. It was the first dress I tried on, and it’s the dress that makes me feel emotional when I put it on. I feel very me when I wear the dress, so I must’ve made the right decision.

It was so much fun to see my sister’s reaction when I tried the dress on for them the first time. Their faces lit up, which was a joy for me too.

I’ve decided to have my fitting done at a local seamstress who did my Mum’s wedding dress 15 years ago. She’s lovely and I can’t wait to see the finished product in a few week’s time.


The bridesmaid dresses are from the same place as my dress. Again, it was predicted they’d take 2 months to arrive but actually they came within a few weeks. Seeing my three sisters all together in the dresses was one of my favourite moments. They look stunning. And I cannot wait to have them by my side on my wedding day.

I also have 4 little flowers girls from Raj’s side of the family. In a moment of serendipity, I stumbled on the perfect dresses as I was research something for my Mum to wear. I’m now quite excited to have a small entourage accompany me down the aisle on my wedding day.


All the main bits are booked and ready. We have a stunning venue which is exactly what we were looking for, but struggled to find for the past year or so. We have our caterers booked and I am pretty darn excited by the food we’ve planned. Food is a big deal to us so we cannot wait for this bit.
We are having two ceremonies on the day, so both registrar AND a Maharaj (Hindu priest) are booked.


The final bits to do are mainly picking up my decor items. I’ve had them planned since the start but it’s the last bit to get. I have quite a lot of ‘props’ that I’ve been collecting over the years from car boot sales, etc. So that’s mostly sorted.

Then it’s on to things like designing the stationery (order of service, table plan, place settings), building the decor items, and managing the logistics for the day.

I am having a mehndi night a few days before the wedding day so I am working on finding a venue in Birmingham to host that. Plus I need to sort out an artist to come along and my outfit!

Oh, I still haven’t found a hair and make-up artist yet. That’s a task for this week.

And I need to sort out the gifts for our wedding party.

That’s it, I think. We have the wedding pretty much sorted. It’s going to be pretty darn epic! And I cannot wait to get married and celebrate with awesome people.

Wish me luck!