Wedding is Off!

There’s a reason why there’s been a bit of radio silence from us on the Weddingsday series.

I’ve made a video to explain what has happened. But it looks likely that we will be unable to get married this year.

We still very much want to get married but with one too many let-downs with venues we’ve just run out of time to get it organised for this summer and as such will have to put it on hold until next year.

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  1. Wow what a stress for you guys! I guess on the bright side you can take your time with it now. We were pretty lucky with our venue – cheap, cheerful and available. But I can tell that things are going to get stressful with things I didn’t think would be, like the seating plan. Divorced parents and apparently everyone has an opinion about where they should or shouldn’t sit. Already – and it’s not until next summer. I think there’s always at least one stressful element about planning a wedding so you’re definitely not alone. Good luck with your venue hunt and relax a little – time is on your side now! 🙂 x

  2. I’m gutted for you that you’ve had to postpone but I love the honesty here. It’s not worth getting yourself all stressed about it is it? And with a little bit more time you might be able to find an even more perfect venue that will be the perfect fit for you! x

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