The Good Life Unravelled Podcast: Ep. 55 – Welcome 2021 and How To Use The New Year Journalling Guide

Elizabeth Dhokia


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Welcome to 2021. We are halfway through January and I am only just easing into the new year. I’m sure many of you might be feeling the same. And in a pandemic year it’s important to allow ourselves the time to move slowly if necessary.

In this podcast episode I talk about where I’ve been at for the last couple of months, including my current anxiety. Primarily though, I talk about my New Year Journalling Guide and how I use this process and prompts at the start of every year.

The New Year Journalling Guide is free for my subscribers. You can get the password and link the the private resource library if you fill in any of the forms on this website. There you will find the PDF to save digitally or print at home.

I talk more about the guide here.

Let me know if you give the New Year Journalling a go. I’m setting aside time this weekend to work through the process. And as I say in the podcast, I’ll check back in with you in a couple of weeks to let you know what I’ve come up with.

The key point today is to give yourself time and space to reflect, dig deep, and find some focus for the year ahead. Allow for failure and things changing and you will feel empowered to keep moving forward. Any small steps you take towards your goals is growth.


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