Welcome to WordPress!

I did it! I finally said goodbye to Blogger with all it’s glitchiness and unreliability and moved to my very own self-hosted WordPress blog. Hoorah!

It has taken me days and days to get this new blog set up, move all my content over (including comments), redirect my followers and begin the task of installing the right plugins, picking the best theme and starting to tweak the appearance.

It is still a work in progress so please bear with me as I continue to tweak away!

Hopefully I have managed to redirect all my previous content, RSS feeds, GFC and Bloglovin followers over. But if any of you lovely people do link to me on your blogroll please could you fix me up with this new address. Thank you.x.

I won’t lie to you, it has not been the easiest of task – it has taken me days and days to get this far.  And there is much more to do. 

Right, I need to very large glass of wine after all that hard work…10am is a perfectly reasonable time to congratulate myself isn’t it?

photo of Bilbo the cat
Bilbo the Cat

I leave you with a photo of the most beautiful cat in the world. Bilbo the Cat.

P.S. – My comments from my most recent post failed to import over. Sorry if yours was one of those lost.