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A Christmas Gift list already? you might ask. Well yes, I know folks are strictly no Christmas chat until the 1st of December. But as I was walking to my new co-working space this morning I was greeted by the whole of New Street in Birmingham filled with this year’s German Christmas Market. It looks big, loud, brash, and oh so Christmassy… If that’s not going to get you in the mood nice and early I don’t know what will!

Anyhow, I have actually been thinking about Christmas for a couple of months now. As a lifelong lover of all things Xmas, I have been mulling over a few things of late. In particular, I have been thinking through the notion of gift-giving.

Wrapped Christmas Gifts

Now, I love to give a good gift. Oh yes. I adore thinking long and deep about what a specific person is interested in, what makes them tick, what makes them smile, what they will love but don’t even know it yet. The joy of making somebody smile is truly unmatched. I love it.

However, the act of giving a gift has got somewhat out of control these days. We are becoming increasingly squished by the overwhelming need to buy everyone knows some awesome. And with that comes a price. And with that comes pressure. Oftentimes we don’t have the chance to think up something thoughtful for a gift and so we overcompensate by buying ALL.THE.THINGS. To me, this defeats the point of giving a gift.

Giving a gift should be an act of appreciation, of care, of love, of thought. I don’t feel this should be about throwing money at something for the sake of it. I believe if we want to give a gift it really should be the thought that counts. And no, I don’t mean the thought of just giving a gift, It’s about giving it some thought.

So why am I pulling together a Christmas gift guide today? Well, in a world of endless purchasing opportunities and options it can be overwhelming. It can be hard to find the ideal gift for somebody. I find a purposefully curated gift guide can actually prove super useful.

Now, of course, you can probably search most websites, magazines, and blog, for gift guides. It has become quite the thing over the years. The difference with the gift guide I would like to curate today is that my list will be centred on self-care and wellness. All of my gifts are chosen to help improve the gift receiver’s overall wellbeing.

When I talk of wellness I am not just talking about nutrition and fitness. Sure, physical health is super important. But I am interested in holistic wellness, that which includes mental health, emotional wellbeing, spirituality, living a balanced life.

If you are looking to gift somebody something with a wellness edge you might find something below to help you.

Just one last thing before I get onto the wellness gift guide list. You don’t NEED to buy gifts. It’s just as lovely to give homemade gifts, experiences, or a great big hug. Give only if you can, and if you want to. Christmas should be about appreciation, not the expectation.

I hope you have a wonderful festive season.

Wellness Gift Guide

Wellness Gift Guide

Experience Day / Workshops

One of my favourite gifts is to arrange an experience day or workshop. There are so many to choose, from spa days to craft workshops, foodie experiences, or something adventurous. 

Magazine subscription

A lovely idea that keeps the gift going for several months. You could choose a 3,6 or 12-month subscription of pretty much any area of interest. Some options include:

Something Hobby Related

I took up gardening this year for the first time in my life and I’m obsessed with it. I’m revelling in having a hobby that isn’t related to the internet or screens. It’s a total switch-off time. If your gift receiver doesn’t have a hobby you can find a gift to complement maybe think of something to encourage them to try something new.

Theatre / Ballet / Concert Tickets

I adore going to the theatre and ballet. There truly is something for everybody whatever your taste is. There is still something so special about going to watch a live performance. 

Yoga gear

Yoga has become pretty much synonymous with wellness these days. This ancient Indian practice is now adopted throughout the UK and the world. If you have a special someone with a yoga interest maybe some new yoga clothes or accessories might be a good choice.


This is probably my favourite gift to seek out for my loved ones. The joy of getting lost in a book, of learning something new, or being uplifted and entertaining… it’s truly wonderful.

Printed Photographs

In a digital age, most of our photographs languish away on our hard drives, phones and computers. So there is something rather lovely about getting some photos printed out in a photo album or framed for the wall.

Something Comfy

I adore lovely loungewear, and tis the season to get some snuggly new pyjamas. 


I have been a big fan of candles this year. I find that lighting a candle at my desk before I start working for the day is a great way to feel mindful and grounded. I’m a fan of the Self Care Company candles. Or something from The White Company.

Something natural

How about a bouquet of flowers delivered every month? Or perhaps a lovely large plant? Maybe a set of seeds for a would-be gardener? There is something so joyful about filling the home with plants and flowers. 

Something for the house

Art is wellness. A thing of beauty is good for the soul. I love being mindful about the things I have in my home, they need to be either beautiful or useful (kinda paraphrasing William Morris there). 

Something to write in

Possibly one of my favourite wellness tools is a journal or a diary. I have several different uses. A planner for my day-to-day diary. A notebook for my morning pages. And journal for all my ideas.

One of my favourite ways to give a gift is to create a small box, basket, or bag of small presents that are each individually wrapped. I usually pick a theme, it could be a topic or even just a colour and then buy around that. It makes a fun experience for the gift receiver to unwrap each present, and it’s nice to have been so thoughtful and made the effort to gather each gift.

What would you add to this wellness gift guide?


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