What To Pack In Your Carry-On Suitcase

I have been doing A LOT of travelling the past month or so. The kind of travelling that is pretty much a weekend away: a few days here and there. As such, I’ve become quite the expert about what to pack in your carry-on suitcase.

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With the proliferation of budget flights taking us all over Europe for super cheap prices, we generally are stuck with the carry-on suitcase amount of luggage for our trips (unless of course, we want to pay for hold luggage, but frankly most us would rather save the pennies for ice cream!).

This means we need to pack carefully, thoughtfully, and efficiently. We need to be within the guidelines for liquids, pastes and creams on board a flight. We also need to make sure we aren’t lacking in anything vital for the trip.

I feel like I have no found a pretty good sweet spot on what to pack in your carry-on suitcase for a weekend away.

I thought you might fancy a nosey at what I am packing (because I sure do love to know what other people pack in their suitcases).


What to pack in a carry on suitcase

What To Pack In Your Carry On Suitcase For A Weekend Away

The Toiletries

It’s all about the miniatures, and if you can’t get miniatures, it’s all about decanting.

Standard airport/airline restrictions mean you cannot travel with liquids, creams or pastes that exceed 100ml each, and a total of 1000ml, or 1litre. The packaging of the liquids must be clearly 100ml or less, you cannot have a 250ml bottle of shampoo with just a third of it full. They will throw it away at the security line.

I picked up some clear toiletries bottles specifically for travelling. They come with squeeze lids and a small funnel making it super easy to decant my cleanser, micellar water and shampoo into small bottles.

I also make sure I label my decanted liquids for both my own benefit and to help security should they need to check my luggage. I am obsessed with my retro Dymo Label Embosser.

I pack all of my liquids into a separate clear bag ready to pull out at security to go through the scanners. The rest of my non-liquids toiletries, such as cotton wool pads, toothbrush, etc. I pack into my vanity bag.

It’s also useful to buy any smaller versions of your favourite products, or if you’re feeling confident ask for some samples at the counter if available.



The Electricals

As a content creator, I do travel with a lot of electrical equipment. I take a laptop, DSLR camera, point and shoot camera, smartphone and all associated chargers, batteries and cables. Sometimes I might also take my hair straighteners.

I recommend buying either small pouch, mesh bags or reusing what you have around the house to pack and store your electrical supplies.

It’s so convenient to store the smaller electrical bits together such as converter plugs, cables, chargers.

I carry my laptop in a separate foldaway bag so I can get through security easily without unpacking the whole suitcase in a rush. Then, once through security, I pop my laptop and toiletries into the carry-on suitcase for the rest of the journey.


The Clothes

Are you a roller or a folder? I roll all of my clothes into the zipped part of my suitcase. That way I can squeeze in as much as possible and make full use of all the space. My undies, socks, and swimwear are packed into a mesh-packing-bag so it’s kept neat and easy to find once away. Everything else is rolled.

Of course, weather and climate are a key factor in deciding what to pack. As is, type of activities on the trip.

My basic packing structure includes a pair of black skinny jeans (I am obsessed with my River Island ones), trainers or Converse, 3 t-shirts or tops, 2 vest tops, 2 smart or evening tops, 1 sweater or jumper, 1 skirt, and a hat.


For shoes, I will pack gold flip-flops, metallic sandals, and black boots.


Other useful bits

My carry-on suitcase always contains an empty plastic bag which is folded up and ready to pack any wet swimwear or flannels for when I travel home.

I picked up this double plug adapter recently and love it! So useful for charging all my gadgets every evening.

A sarong is one of my must-have items. It has a multitude of uses from cover-up, and blanket, to makeshift pillow.

Plus, I always take my noise-cancelling headphones everywhere with me. Great for shutting out the noise on the flight, plus great for just switching off when you’re a travelling introvert!

Snacks! You never know where you might end up when travelling, and being hungry after long transfers and an empty mini bar is not fun. I always pack some chocolate or cereal bars.

And of course, don’t forget your passport!

what to pack in a carry on suitcase

What are your must-haves for your carry-on suitcase?

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