What To Pack For a Ski Trip: An Ultimate Ski Trip Packing List

What to pack for a ski trip

I have been skiing a couple of times now (France and Austria) and each time I have made a huge detailed list of what to pack for a ski trip. As I was a complete beginner not so long ago, I did struggle with knowing exactly what to take with me.

As it turns out, packing for a ski trip can require quite a hefty suitcase of supplies. So I’ve compiled my ski trip packing list for you to help you on your way.

Plus, it works as a great reminder for me to refer back to when I go on my next ski trip.

I’ve linked to some products in my list to help you get started, otherwise just copy or download my handy infographic at the end to help you with your packing.

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what to pack for a ski trip


The first list is for the ski specific clothing and accessories you need. Some of these you could possibly buy when you’re out at the ski resort (if you forget something). You can hire the skis, ski boots, ski poles, and helmet out at the ski destination. Definitely no need to buy those unless you’re taking up skiing on a regular basis.


For clothes it’s all about the layers. If you can buy clothes that have wicking technology all the better! You are likely to get pretty sweaty when you’re skiing (even if it is cold out), anything too cotton-y will end up soggy. Nobody wants to feel damp all day do they?!

It’s best to have a few options for your days on the slopes, a few options for the evenings hanging out at your hotel or in the bars, and of course something for the spa if you have one nearby. I definitely recommend a soak in a pool if you can, can ease all those tired muscles from the skiing.


So many people forget the havoc that high altitude mountain time can have on your skin. Always wear sunscreen when you’re skiing, a long-lasting waterproof one is best but do top up if you need to. The high altitude can also dry and dehydrate your face so I recommend a nice thick layer of moisturiser underneath your sunscreen.

My other favourite tip is to pack chocolate and/or crackers. The chocolate can help with altitude sickness and the crackers help if you are low on energy on the mountains and not near a bar or cafe. I have so many pockets in my ski jacket that it’s not a problem to have a couple of individually-sealed snacks.

Finally, having a stash of compeed is great if you’re prone to blisters on your feet, or wearing ski boots for the first few times. They are nice and cushioned as well, good for squished feet on the slopes.


As a blogger I do end up taking a lot more equipment than the average person. But it’s not unusual to see people with waterproof sports cameras on the slopes. You may not want to take any of the following on this what to pack for a ski trip list, although money and snacks are a pretty good priority in my eyes!

EQUIPMENT (and other stuff)


What to pack for a ski trip - packing list

What to pack for a ski trip

I hope that helps with what to pack for a ski trip.

What would you add to the ski packing list?


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What to pack for a ski tripWhat to pack for a ski trip packing list


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