White and Purple Vintage Outfit

Vintage Purple Skirt

Summer in the UK didn’t quite happen this year did it? I know we’ve all been waiting and hoping … and despite the odd warm days of sunshine here and there I’ve still need to take a little sweater or cardigan out with me.

Oh well, let’s start looking forward to Autumn instead. It feels pretty much like it’s upon us. I look out of my (new – yey!) bedroom window and already a few golden leaves are gathering on the ground beneath the tree. The sky is a blanket of white cloud. And the temperature is certainly jacket weather at the very least.

Brown Boots with Purple Skirt

The fashion bods call this transitional wardrobe time. I think that roughly translates to ‘oooooh, I think I need to add an extra layer to my outfit choice today’.

It’s pretty rad because it means we’re not quite in the ‘cover every inch of you in a super massive coat’ weather but we can add extra items to our sartorial repertoire.

I’m particularly excited to bring out the boots.

For years now, brown boots have been a staple of my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. I find them pretty versatile for pairing with all kinds of outfits, and I like that the have a slight ‘cowboy’ rustic look to them.

Sadly, my previous pair, despite annual reheeling, have finally given up. So this year I’m finally replacing them with these beauties.

Jones the BootmakersWhite and Purple Outfit

I quite like that they’re not full knee-high boots, they come in just at the top of my calves. Although, I must admit that are a tad tight to pull the zip up on. I don’t have particularly large calves but blimey! They need a firm zip. Anyhow, being leather they should relax with wear.

White and Purple Outfit with Brown Boots

Have I ever mentioned that purple is my favourite colour? And have I mentioned how difficult it is to find decent purple clothes?

Tis terribly frustrating and probably why I end up in mostly blue or red clothes. For some reason purple doesn’t tend to be a fashionable colour and I wait and wait for each season to come round to seek out some purple items for my wardrobe. And often they’re not quite the shades I like. Give me a rich dark purple any day!

For this skirt and handbag I had to trek to Thailand to find these! OK, that wasn’t the only reason I went there, but still…


  • Jumper : Vintage
  • Skirt : Vintage
  • Boots : c/o Jones the Bootmakers
  • Bag : Market in Thailand
  • Necklace : New Look
  • Bracelet : Market in Thailand

What if your favourite transitional item of clothing?  Do you don the boots at the first drop of fallen leaves?


  1. That skirt is beautiful!

    My favourite ‘transitional’ things are chunky oversized cardis, biker boots or converse hightops and giant midweight scarves. Also long necklaces which i think of as purely autumnal.

  2. ive been looking for a midi skirt like this since forever, shame it’s not branded but given me ideas for how I can narrow my search!

    Gorgeous outfit as ever from you, goes so nicely together with colors and everything.

    I’m still holding out hope for some more sun – still 3 weeks left of summer!

    1. Thanks Sophie! Such is the way with vintage clothing sourced abroad as well 🙂
      I’m still hoping for some sun as well but it’s not looking like it’s coming.

  3. I love your outfit, especially the skirt and boots! I definitely know what you mean about autumn being here, its lashing down with rain here and cold enough that i probably won’t go out today! I get to start wearing the lovely red coat i got last winter again though so its not all bad!

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