Who to Follow on Periscope

Who To Follow On Periscope

Following my post recently about how to use Periscope my lovely friend Emma asked about who to follow on Periscope. So I thought it might be nice to share with you lovely folk who  my current favourites are to follow on Periscope.

Of course, as the app grows in popularity more and more inspiring folk will join. But these are the people to follow on Periscope right now.

I chose these particular people to follow because they are really using the app in interesting and engaging ways. Each is slightly different in their approach, and as early adopters they seem to be paving the way.


Who To Follow On Periscope

British Beauty Blogger (britbeautyblog)

Beauty, blogging, Periscope and general London stuff. Jayne shares intelligent ‘scopes almost every day.

London Beauty Queen (LBQblog)

Hayley is pretty darn prolific on Periscope and is paving the way for using the platform to reinforce her brand, presence and authority in her niche.

Mark Stone – Sky Asia Correspondent (Stone_SkyNews)

I first came across Mark Stone when he was sharing live ‘scopes in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes. He is quite active on the platform and provides informative and interesting content.

Neil Charlie Mandt – TV Producer (NeilMandt)

If you want to see a TV producer take live pitches on Periscope this is the man to follow. It’s fascinating to hear what people come up with and to hear the feedback from the producer.

My Blonde Reality (MyBlondeReality)

Jennie has amassed a huge following very quickly on Periscope and has shared updates showing us around London as well as being a super active participant in the community.

Are you using Periscope yet? Who are your favourite people to follow?

And of course, you can find me on Periscope as well, just search for @rosalilium. See you there for ‘scoping!



  1. hello elizabeth I’ve been looking at periscope and I would like your mentoring on how I can start a stream… I have so many ideas and just dont know where to start… I have a posh closet i do travel stuff and etc. I would appreciate a little push I promise I won’t hold you hostage thanks 🙂 BB

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